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14 Best Games for Word Nerds

Reading and writing aren’t the only activities word lovers can partake in. There are games to be played too! Whether passing time in the car, getting family and friends together for a game night, or sitting down with a controller/mouse, these are the best games for the word nerds in our lives.

1. Scrabble

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The ultimate word board game, Scrabble has been entertaining families for generations. The game is sold around the world and there are national and international competitions. When people think of word games, this tile extraordinaire is generally the first thing to come to mind.

2. Boggle

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Boggle doesn’t provide the same freedom as Scrabble, but it gives everybody an even playing surface to work with as the letters are given in a jumble. Whoever comes up with more words via adjacent letters, mano e mano, has bragging rights for the rest of the night.

3. Hangman

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Chances are you played this game in elementary school, trying to guess the letters before time ran out. It’s a word and logic game that still works for adults as people’s vocabulary becomes more expansive.

4. Words with Friends

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The phone app has been described as ‘Scrabble for the mobile age’ – and that’s pretty much what it is. Of course, there’s the added benefit of being able to play on the go and play with friends/family/strangers that live all over the world.

5. Crossword Puzzles

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Not every word game needs to be a collaborative or competitive experience. There’s just as much enjoyment sitting down with the Sunday New York Times and trying to figure out if there’s any way of preventing Will Shortz from stumping you…without cheating. Who said newspapers are old fashioned?

6. Ghost

The perfect game for a (portion of a) long road trip. One person says a letter, the next says another letter, and so on. The first person to accidentally spell a word – or go in a direction where no word could possibly be spelled – loses a round. The scoring system is just like H-O-R-S-E.

7. The Alphabet Categories

Another easy car ride game. Somebody names a topic – last name of published authors, for example – and then people go around named someone who fits the topic for the letter ‘A,’ ‘B,’ ‘C,’ and so on. Good luck at ‘Q.’

8. Word Association

A loose game for adventures, word associate games simply ask players to create a logical trail of ideas. ‘Jurassic Park’ leads to ‘Dinosaurs’ leads to ‘Fossils’ leads to ‘Ancient’ leads to ‘Pyramid’ leads to ‘Illuminati.’

9. Bananagrams

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Imagine playing Scrabble, but without the limitations provided by a board with spaces. That’s what Bananagrams is – basically a fun mash-up of Scrabble and dominoes.

10. Word Shout

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Word Shout is very similar to Boggle, except the dice are now out in the world. There are ten of them, and after being rolled, the first person to shout a three-letter word that can be made from the arrangement of dice wins the round. This could go on for as long as you want.

11. TypeShift

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This app challenges users to create five-letter words out of jumbles. Seems simple enough, right? Well the addictive quality of the game is the mechanism to shift the jumbles by scrolling in much the same way one would change digits on a lock. Hours of wordy fun.

12. Bonza

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The twist in this crossword puzzle app is that players are given fragments of the puzzle and need to figure out how to piece them back together. The single player game has been widely hailed since its release in 2014.

13. AlphaBear

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Once again, inspiration is drawn from Scrabble. This time around, however, spaces on the board can turn to stone and become unusable if they aren’t activated in a defined amount of time. An added benefit to this app? Those cube-shaped bears are so cute!

14. QatQi

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Another in a long list of word game apps, but this one may be the most visually stunning, as players are immersed in bubbly worlds trying to string together words.


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