13 Weird Book Titles

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but what do they say about titles? Nothing! So judge away. If you’re sick of the dull humdrum of boring titles, we’ve got your refuge. Relieve your suffering with these weird and perversely enticing books. Their titles might be strange, but their ideas are bound to be even stranger.


Images You Should Not Masturbate To, by Graham Johnson


The title is pretty self explanatory. Inside you can expect just about the least sexy pictures. Looking to decrease your sex drive and extinguish any trace of libido? Here’s your book!


Dancing with Jesus, by Sam Stall


Finally, a book answering the age-old question “how do I dance with the guy with THE raddest moves?” He can walk (or dance) on water after all. Learn all the divine dance moves with this hilarious illistrated book.


Bi-Curious George, by Andrew Simonian


A queer take on a classic tale. Perhaps a bit unorthodox for baby’s first read, this is definitely an ‘adut’ book to indulge in. You’ll never look at the man with the big yellow hat or his monkey the same way again.


The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America, by Julian Montague


How did they get there? Who put them there? The mysteries are answered in Montague’s book, along with cart classificaions and real-life sightings. Look out, there may be a cart lurking in a suberb near you.


Snake Eyes: A Nicolas Cage Activity Book, Haunt Me Studio


Indulge in this illustrated homage to the one, the only, Nicolas Cage. From fighting criminals, to looking for natioanal treasures, kidnapping kids and beyond  now you can join along in all the fun!


Understanding Rap: Explanations of Confusing Rap Lyrics that You and Your Grandma Can Understand, by William Buckholz


Informative with the perk of a bonding opportunity for you and you grandma. Here’s what one buyer said about the read:

I want to start off by saying: I never used to be a rap fan. I’ve always loved the sound (the “beats”), but I’ve never understood what the music is really saying! It’s never been out of lack of effort either. I mean, I’ve tried to understand for YEARS, generally by consulting my grandma (who’s been NO HELP whatsoever), but also by playing the music in reverse, because I’ve heard that’s a way to find hidden meaning in songs.

Well, ALL THAT HAS CHANGED. Now that I’ve purchasd this book, I’ve had a reason to visit her EVERY WEEK, and together we sit on her “davenport” (that’s what she calls her sofa) and peruse this fine piece of literature. This is like the Rosetta Stone of rap music.



Eating People is Wrong, by Malcolm Bradbury


It’s not what you think. Bradbury’s book is actually a satrical look at university professors and academia at an English University. But the cover, far from the relaying the plot of the book, is a helpful reminder that indeed eating people is wrong.


Raising the Perfect Child through Guilt and Manipulation, by Elizabeth Beckwith


This guide is useful to every type of parent, babysitters too!


Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook, F.L. Fowler

Looking for a gift for someone who loved Fifty Shades of Grey? This cookbook is the perfect idea!


1990’s Coloring Book, by James Grange

A reminder that the 90’s never die and the nostalgia will live on forever. 


Dating for Under a Dollar: 301 Ideas, by Blair Tolman


Woo your loved one with these great tips! Because nothing says I love you like a game (as suggested by the book) of Duck, Duck, Goose.


Living with Crazy Buttocks, by Kaz Cooke


It’s a tough life.


Strangers Have The Best Candy, by Margaret Meps Schulte


Forget stranger danger and everything you learned as a kid. Actually don’t, but do enjoy this hilarious read about the strange wonderous paths strangers can lead you down.