I was born with a reading list I will never finish

13 Tumblr Posts About Book Lovers That Are Too Real

All bookworms feel things very strongly. Some are just so good at writing about these feelings in a hilarious and relatable way. These thirteen Tumblr posts are near genius… 


1. That feeling when you’re attracted to a fictional character





2. There are only two correct ways to answer this question:


So true



3. This occasional mishap:





4. The struggle is real:


pick up book



5. Books make us feel so many things (this Tumblr-user is on a roll!) 





6. Painful. Just painful.


last book

From the-librarian-geek.tumblr.com.



7. ‘The horror!’

People don't read



8. There’s a reason dinosaurs don’t exist anymore, and it doesn’t have to do with meteors…





9. The struggle is so, so, painfully real:


Bookstore pain




10. Relatable! 


Born this wya



11. Yes, reading is so relaxing…


relaxing reading



 12. This honestly couldn’t be more real:


The realest

From thelibraryofmars.tumblr.com.



13. And, of course, this painful experience:

Painful experience





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