'To All the Boys I've Loved Before'

13 of the Most Relatable ‘To All the Boys…’ Tweets

Ever since Netflix’s hit adaptation of Jenny Han’s book To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before aired it has been nonstop excitement, chatter, and crushes. Emphasis on the crushes. When I say I’ve got a thing for Peter Kavinsky, I mean I want a serious committed relationship with a fictional character… You can judge all you want, but I’m not alone on this.

Naturally, social media has been blowing up and the series and movie have a fan base growing every day. We’ve seen many over emotional tweets that are funny as hell, especially people dreaming of their having their own Peter Kavinsky. But for now, all we’ve got are the boys who have come in and out of our lives with weird stories and stupidity. Talented Twitter users have used this to create their own personal titles.  Here are all the relatable versions of the cute and catchy title to give you a little laugh. Warning: They do not include Kavinsky.

















Featured Image Via Vanity Fair