Literary Wedding Theme

13 Ideas to Create Your Dream Literary Wedding!

It’s that time of the year again…wedding season! 


Usually beginning in spring and wrapping up in the late fall or early winter, wedding season brings on a world of new things. From place settings to guests lists to what color napkins you want (eggshell?), wedding planning could be frightening.


But if you’re looking for a timeless theme that will charm all your guests, this is it! We’ve got you covered with thirteen tips to give you the literary wedding that will look like it came from the pages of a fairytale.


1. Give guests these page-turned confetti holders!

Paper Cones

Image Via Etsy


These vintage book pages-turned cones will act as the perfect confetti holders for your guests. Any big entrance or arrival can be greeted with showers of rose petals or rice thanks to these printed gems.


2. Give your seating chart a Jane Austen spin

Literary Wedding Tips

Image Via Wedding Dresses


Would you like your guests to be bewitched, body and soul? Use this Jane Austen themed seating chart. Your guests will feel like pure nobility. Are you at Darcy’s table or Bingley’s?


3. Disguise your invitations as library cards

Library Card Invites

Image Via Offbeat Bride


These wedding invites are probably one of the cutest we’ve seen! A library card on one side with a formal invitation on the other. Guests will get a hint of the magic they could expect. Just make sure the RSVP isn’t overdue.


4. Give guests this Harry Potter photo prop!

Harry Potter Wedding Tip

Image Via Plan Your Perfect Wedding


What’s a wedding without pictures? And what’s a literary themed wedding without Harry Potter, right? Use this playful photo prop to capture all the moments with family and friends. Because we love witchcraft and wizardry.


5. Give your centerpiece a bookish flair

Literary Centerpiece

Image Via Pinterest


If there’s one thing your guest tables need to set a mood, it’s a centerpiece! Flowers are the common choice, but a literary theme puts a classic twist on this floral arrangement. Add a couple of old books to a vintage vase or canister like the one above. This creates the perfect juxtaposition of fresh flowers and aged books!


6. Make your table numbers bookish

Number Holder

Image Via Pinterest


Depending on who your guests are, they may sit close to your bride/groom table or perhaps a little farther. But no matter what, their table needs a number they can see and call their own. Create this accordion-styled book with a printed number inserted through the back. It’s cute, cozy, and your guests will be yearning to take it home.


7. Write your guests personalized notes on typewriter

Wedding Messages

Image Via Bridal Guide


This idea is a versatile one, so write (or type) it out! Your guests are there for you, so they want to hear from you as well! Write or type out a personal note to leave on the plate for all your guests! If you have a lot of people coming to your wedding, give them a chance to write you a note instead! You could leave a book or a beautiful typewriter at the entrance for all your guests to type out a special note for you and your spouse. It’s all about making it a personal moment to remember!


8. Give guests this LOVE letter opener

Wedding Favor

Image Via Sweetly Wrapped Occasions


When your guests leave your wedding after a night of fun and dancing, you want them to take home something special (other than amazing memories). Give them a favor they will use again and again! This ‘LOVE’ letter opener is the perfect way to show your guests you’re happy they were there. It’s as beautiful as it is efficient.


9. Let your favorite books inspire your dress

Wedding Dress

Image Via Pinterest


Two words for you. The Dress. This is probably the biggest decision you will make for your wedding, aside from who you choose to marry. If you want to delve into character, but want to stay true to your own style, think of your favorite heroines. Research dress styles inspired by them, and you’ll be surprised with how much you find! From ruffles to silks to beading, there is not a detail to be passed. The one above is feeling very Gatsby!


10. Store the rings in a hollowed out book

Ring Holder

Image Via My Wedding Reception Ideas


Don’t forget two things on the big day. The rings! You want to keep them safe, but you also want to keep them as part of your theme! Use a hollowed out book labeled just for you and your betrothed. The rings will be secure and your love will run deep within the pages of books…literally!


11. Give your vows some literary spice

Wedding Vows

Image Via Pinterest


Don’t write your vows last minute…please. Give yourself time to write something meaningful for your loved one and, with enough time, you can style it to your literary liking! Write your own special story in chapters like the one shown above or take the time to write a poem with verses. If you have writer’s block, search through your favorite novels and books of poetry to find the perfect excerpt that describes your love. Then all you have to do is add a little personal note at the end.


12. Decorate your cake with your favorite quote

Literary Wedding Cake

Image Via Pinterest


This is one of the best parts of your wedding! The cake give the guests a little taste of the kind of couple you are. For the book lovers, make sure you choose wisely! Pick a poem verse or character monologue to be the inscription on the side of your cake. It’s enchanting, but sweet.


13. Have the reception in a library

Library Wedding

Image Via Wedding Locations


This is the crème de la crème. The ultimate literary wedding idea. Whether you love books of all kinds and you want to show it without all the extra features or you want to go all the way…this is it. See if you could locate a public library in your city or even a museum to book a room. You will feel like you’re in Beauty and the Beast or that you’re Carrie Bradshaw from the Sex and the City movie…or a magical character right off the pages of a book. Any of those. What better place to celebrate forever than where books last forever?


No matter which of these you use, may you find inspiration in all of them. May your wedding feel like it comes from the hand of the most extraordinary of authors.


Feature Image Via Zivile&Arunas on Unsplash