12 Books to Match Your Fall TV Obsession

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Since the dawn of Netflix streaming and DVR’s, it’s so easy to get sucked in to TV shows, especially when there are so many options. For bookworms who are looking to pair their favorite TV shows with a good book that’s just as entertaining, we have a list for you! 


If you are obsessing over American Horror Story
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If you dared to check into Lady Gaga’s hotel on American Horror Story this season, you’ll love The Barter by Siobhan Adcock. This gothic and bone-chilling tale about a mother who feels a sinister presence in her Texas home takes readers on a psychologically thrilling ride. Adcock weaves in the story of Rebecca, a mom in 1902 who turns back on her husband. Both stories come together to create a truly terrifying novel. 
If you are a super fan of The Mindy Project
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What makes The Mindy Project so genius and hilarious is Mindy Kaling’s witty writing. This all shines through in her second book, Why Not Me. The quick, smart, and undeniably relatable script of The Mindy Project is reflected in her second novel. As the character, Mindy Lahiri tries to become a knock out New York City professional; the real Mindy Kaling sheds light on her hilarious struggle of becoming a professional Hollywood star.
If you can’t get enough of Once Upon a Time
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We love tuning in to Once Upon a Time to see our favorite Disney fairytales get warped and twisted in epic new ways. If you’re a fan of this show, then we have a hot fall read that’s perfect for you. Critically-acclaimed author, Colleen Oakes has released the first book in her new series, Wendy Darling, a dark and frightening take on the classic Peter Pan series, told from Wendy Darling’s point of view. And according to Wendy, Peter isn’t at all who we think he is.  
If you are addicted to Law and Order: SVU
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Whether you’re catching up on Netflix or your DVR, binge watching Law and Order: SVU is never a bad idea. With hard hitting plot lines that become all too real, the detectives of NYPD’s Special Victims Unit bring justice to criminals from the comfort of our own couch. If you enjoy living vicariously through crime shows, then Steena Holmes’s newest novel, The Word Game, will let you solve the crime yourself. After Lyla returns from a sleepover that her aunt chaperoned, it seems as though she is harboring a dark secret that could not only tear apart her family, but the entire community.
If you can’t stop binge watching How To Get Away With Murder
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Annalise Keating and her students might know how to get away with murder, but will the Great Bravura be put in prison for the murder of her best friend? If you love How To Get Away with Murder, you will devour The Great Bravura by Jill Dearman. This fun page-turning read brings us back to the the time of classic noir murder mysteries. It’s a sexy novel that will “rocks the senses.” 
If you laugh out loud watching Modern Family
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Season after season, Modern Family continues to be America’s favorite sitcom. We can’t help but laugh at how dysfunctional their family is because every family is a little dysfunctional right? Well, in Meg Mitchell Moore’s new novel, The Admissions, a seemingly perfect suburban family begins to unravel under modern pressures and comedy ensues. It’s a touching and funny read that’s perfect to bring along on your fall vacation. 
If you tune in to The Real
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The surprise hit talk show, The Real, has been shaking up the way daytime television is usually done. Brash, unapologetic, heartwarming, funny, and most of all, REAL, it’s no wonder so many fans tune in every weekday to see what the amazing cast will say next. In keeping with this theme of breaking the talk show mold, Fishing with RayAnne by Ava Finch does just that when fisherwoman RayAnn Dahl finds herself at the helm of an all female panel talk show that takes place on a fishing boat. Her bluntness and humor wins the hearts of viewers and soon the show becomes a ratings success story. 
If you love Scream Queens
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As we attempt to figure out who the real Red Devil is in the new horror comedy, Scream Queens, we can’t help but soak up the fabulousness of Chanel and her minions. From her overly coordinated outfits to her drastic mood swings, Chanel Oberlin is nothing short of glamorously twisted. This psycho killer, debutante theme continues in Susan McBride’s newest novel, Say Yes to the Death. As Andrea Kendrick tries to run away from her high-society Texas upbringing, she is inevitably drug into the murder of her old prep school bully, Olivia La Belle. With enemies galore, will the murderer of “La Belle from Hell” ever be found?
If you’re a Narcos super fan…
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We’ll gladly step away from sitcoms for a gritty cringe-worthy/binge-worthy show like Narcos. If edgy entertainment is your kind of thing then you need to pick up debut author J.A. Wright’s coming-of-age novel How to Grow an Addict. This is the story of a young girl’s growing drug addiction that leads her down a path of trouble. From pill-popping to abortions, you’ll find yourself addicted to this read. WARNING: not for the faint of heart.
If you seek inspiration on Super Soul Sunday
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If you look for spiritual guidance from Oprah Winfrey, you’re probably no stranger to her show Super Soul Sunday on the OWN network. Recently, bestselling author and social scientist Brené Brown was on the show to talk about her new book, Rising Strong and the global conversation it has sparked since its release as a #1 New York Times bestseller. Through her work and extensive research, Brown has discovered that vulnerability is the secret to a more creative and joyous life, and can also lead to becoming your true authentic self. Rising Strong is a strongly recommended book from O, herself, so if you’re a fan of Super Soul Sunday, you will love this inspiring and life-changing read. 
If you get your country fix from Nashville
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If Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere putting on their cowboy boots and singing original songs is a part of your favorite series Nashville, pick up your copy of Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half the Story by Jewel. Just like the series, we are going to get a front row seat to the drama of being a multi-platinum singer-songwriter. Full of courage, inspiration, and fear, Jewel’s memoir will give you a back stage tour into her journey of life. 
If The Vampire Diaries is your guilty pleasure…
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As the addictive and seductive plot thickens in the newest season of Vampire Diaries, Elena remains caught between Damon and Stefan. If you’re over binge watching the supernatural plot of Mystic Falls, then the Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined should be next on your list. As the roles of Bella and Edward are reversed in this iconic love story, a human boy now falls for a female vampire. And if we know anything about supernatural love stories, there’s bound to be a love triangle.