Jess Mariano writes inside the margins of a book for Rory Gilmore

11 Fictitious Bookworms We Love

Sometimes, we all just need to turn our brains off and watch a good movie or show. Nothing warms a book lover’s heart quite like watching TV and seeing one of your favorite characters diving into a good book or walking the aisles of a library.


We’ve rounded up some of the best fictional book lovers:


1. Rachel Greene and Joey Tribbiani from “Friends”


This gif is a four screen split of a dialogue between Rachel and Joey from friends

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We all remember that time Rachel and Joey decided to swap favorite books. Joey read “Little Women” and Rachel read “The Shining.” Joey ruined the ending for Rachel so she crushed him and lied about the ending of “Little Women.” Oh, friendship!


2. Rory Gilmore from “Gilmore Girls”


Rory Gilmore tells Jess Mariano that she reads a lot in this GIF

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Oh, Rory, our favorite bookworm! Whether she was going to school or off on a date with Logan or Dean, she always had multiple books just in case she doesn’t feel like reading a novel that day. She reads everything from biographies and memoirs to novels and short stories.


3. Poussey Washington from “Orange is the New Black”


Poussey Washington from OITNB leans against a bookshelf and smiles

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A prison library may not be ideal or have enough books to fill the time for doing the crime, but the women from “Orange is the New Black” take what they can get. This past season, many of our favorite books were spotted; in fact, Poussey’s favorite book is “Alice in Wonderland.”


4. Reed from “Criminal Minds”


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Our favorite behavior analyst for the FBI is an avid bookworm who can skim an entire book in a matter of seconds. What’s more, Reed’s home is also filled to the top with books that he uses to solve cases.


5. Lisa Simpson from “The Simpsons”


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Arguably one of the best animated book lovers of today, Lisa Simpson gave us a lesson in how to be a book lover. She’s all about all things education, reading, and feminism. Many would call her an animated hero. All bow down to Lisa Simpson!


6. Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”


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No one can forget that extravagant library from Beauty and the Beast. We would all be in seventh heaven if we were Belle too. Belle’s situation may not have been perfect at first, but a good library can change everything!


7. Hermoine from “Harry Potter”


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Our favorite reading wizard! If you read Harry Potter, you know Hermoine’s favorite pastime is hitting a library and doing some reading. We can’t forget the time that Harry, Ron, and Hermoine hit the library and Ron just didn’t understand Hermoine’s “light” reading book.


8. Matilda Wormwood from “Matilda”


Matilda reading on a couch

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The perfect book character turned movie star is a book worm through and through. Every book lover would instantly fall in love with her — she became an idol to many youngsters when she used books to escape all the hurt and turmoil in her life.


9. Jess Mariano from “Gilmore Girls”


Jess and Rory talk about books in Gilmore Girls

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Everyone’s favorite bad boy has a soft spot for books. In the beginning, Jess bonded with Rory over their mutual love of reading, and later on, he opened his own publishing house and became an author. Adorably, he would write in the margins of Rory’s books, and rudely, he would take them without asking. Conflicted AF, but, okay, everyone needs a book-loving, bad boy boyfriend like Jess.


10. Sam Winchester from “Supernatural”


Sam Winchester reading a novel

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Sam researches the monsters and Dean kills them, that’s just how Supernatural rolls. Sam, is loved for more than just his long flowing locks — he’s also loved for his own love of reading. Every episode, Sam is either reading books in the bunker or researching on his laptop. The best of the banter between the brothers is when Dean pokes fun at Sam for being a bookworm and Sam takes a chunk out of Dean because he doesn’t read.


11. Liesel Meminger from “The Book Thief”


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The title says it all, Liesel Meminger was a book nerd to the end. During a time when almost everyone had nothing, Liesel was determined to read because of the love and passion she had for words. She was even caught stealing them from a wealthy elite, but, to be honest, we don’t blame her.


Who are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!


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