10 Words You Didn’t Know Existed

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had the time to read through the entire dictionary? Okay, maybe not for all of us, but there are so many words in the English language that we don’t know about because they’re not used often. We went on a hunt to find some of the most interesting words that aren’t used in everyday speech, but should be!


1. Darkle (v.) – to become clouded or gloomy.

 The sky darkled and started to rain making it the perfect day to stay home and read.


2. Interfenestration (n.) – the space between two windows.

I hung up a beautiful portrait of J.K. Rowling on the interfenestration in my apartment.




3. Scintillate (v.) – emitting sparks, or quick flashes that look like sparks.

The new Marlon James book seemed to scintillate on the table, catching my eye.


4. Sparsile (n.) – a star not belonging to any constellation.

An example of a sparsile is our Sun. 


5. Jentacular (adj.) – pertaining to breakfast.

I love reading something jentacular while having my morning coffee and some pancakes.


6. Tittynope (n.) – a small quantity of something left over.

There was only a tittynope of books left in my “to read” pile. 


7. Absquatulate (v.) – to leave somewhere abruptly.

I was feeling overwhelmed at the party, so I absquatulated to run home and read.


8. Blatherskite (n.) – a person who talks at great length without making much sense.

Jim is such a blatherskite, he does not belong in a quiet library.





9. Peely-wally (adj.) – looking pale or unwell.

Poor Katie, she was looking kind of peely-wally after she heard the Fantastic Beasts spoilers.


10. Colporteur (n.) – a person who sells books, newspapers, and similar literature.

My dream is to quit my job on Wall Street and become a colporteur instead. 


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