10 Wholesome Reminders That Stephen King is a Sleepy Twitter Dad

It’s only three months into 2019, and nothing can keep marathon novelist Stephen King off Twitter, a medium he wields to broadcast his inner thoughts, book reviews, and political criticism. You may remember he recently Tweeted a viral response to a USA Today headline that mentioned fellow writer Tabitha King not by name but simply by “his wife”—an offensive error the Kings corrected with their usual poignancy.

Aside from biting clap-backs and no-frills political hot takes, King’s Tweeting trends—which range from cheering on his friends and family to documenting the day-to-day life of his corgi—remind us that behind the author and his soapbox is a Sunday-morning, half-awake dad who’ll do anything to embarrass his kids, one who can’t get enough of his mischievous, short-legged corgi. This lovable dad content with corresponding dad typos speaks deeply to the dad in all of us. Here are 10 of King’s latest inspiring Tweets to kickstart your weekend and cleanse your soul.


1. correct punctuation can’t get in the way of supporting your heroes


2. fashion: I don’t really understand it, do you?

3. Binge-watch & thrills

4. #DadContent 

5. turning twitter into #dogstagram

6. I love you, son! have a great day at school!

7. *corgi content intensifies*

8. making classic dad impulse purchases

9. Tragic: empty nest devastates bangor writer

10. dad-level sap


Featured image via Inc.com