Close up of the very old book "Epitome"

10 Things that Have Happened Since This Ancient Book Was Published

When looking through her Grandma’s Library, Reddit user roostarfeesh found a book from 1594. That is one old freaking book. 


Photo of the old book

Really freaking old book, via Reddit


Here are some of the things that have happened in the world since this book was published:


1. Shakespeare


Image of the bard.


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Othello was first presented in Nov of 1604, ten years after this book was published. McBeth was presented in 1606. Who knows, maybe this book provided some inspiration for the playwright?


2. Galileo



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The man invented the telescope, saw space, and then was told by the Romans to stop his belief in heliocentrism (or believing the earth revolves around the sun.)


3. The Dodo became extinct


The very awkward dodo bird


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The flightless bird left this earth after waddling around since the ice age, all thanks to the Dutch sailors eating it. But did it taste like chicken?


5. America, you know, happened


Painting of the revolution


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All the way back to the first Pilgrim settlers in 1607, this book has lived through it. Shout out to the Native Americans, who helped the settlers learn to grow corn and be self-sufficient. 


5. Witches


Image of Salem witch trails


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Things called coincidences were once called black magic. If someone died? Boom. Black magic. A witch killed them. Burn them at stake.


6. The French Revolution


Painting depicting the french revolution


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The inspiration for Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserable” began in 1799. This is what took the French monarchy and made it a republic.


7. Charles Darwin


Charles Darwin


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Another scientist, ahead of his time. The creator of Darwinism, which sparked the theory of evolution, piqued over 300 years after this incredibly old book was published.


8. Gravity


Photo of the tower


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From Galileo’s balls dropping (no, not those ones) on the tower of Pisa, to Newton’s equations, the theory of gravity came to be, this ancient book has stood the test of time and the elements.


9. Titanic, and other tragedies




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Including Nuclear War, The Holocaust, and two world wars. This novel has avoided all the destruction, having only surrendered its cover over the past four centuries.


10. Moonwalking


Man on the moon


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Either Micheal Jackson or NASA’s, they both came after this Latin manuscript. It was around both during the first telescopes look into space AND humans setting foot there.


Feature courtesy of Reddit