10 Things Every ‘Harry Potter’ Fan Does

Let’s face it, Harry Potter fans – we do some crazy stuff to show off our fandom. It goes well beyond dressing up as Harry and Hermione and labeling every castle as Hogwarts. If you’re a fan, you definitely do ALL of the things on this list.

1) Used a stick as a wand

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Or a pencil. Or even a baguette. Doesn’t matter, as long as it can be pointed at an enemy and used to cast spells in the direction of those Death Eaters.


2) Try breaking through a train wall

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One of the most iconic scenes in Harry Potter lore is when Harry learns about Platform 9 ¾ for the first time. In London, there are several homages to the platform, both where the shot was actually filmed and in King’s Cross railway station itself. But as long as there are bricks and a train approaching, we’re grabbing our cart and trying to make it to the other side, with mitigating success.


3) Play Quidditch 

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This is one event from the book that has actually come to life. Legitimate Quidditch teams and leagues have sprung up around the world. For those less athletically inclined, a broomstick and a few playing balls suffice as we go on a hunt through our backyard for the Snitch.


4) Make a butterbeer concoction

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At the studio lot where the movies were filmed, they actually serve Butterbeer. Most of us never have the opportunity to go to England, though. Whether it’s literally mixing a batch of butter in a pint of beer (word to the wise: try something else) or getting more crafty with our ingredients, Butterbeer has become a must-serve at cocktail parties and Fourth of July barbecues. Don’t forget, there’s also Butterbeer ice cream now!


5) Serve as a Sorting Hat

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At this point, it’s practically second nature. When we look at our friends, our family, even our political leaders, and celebrities, we immediately go “oh, he’s such a Slytherin,” or exuberantly yell “GRYFFINDOR!!!” Doesn’t matter, because everybody knows Hufflepuff is the best house.


6) Read/Write some FanFic

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Look, there’s no reason to feel embarrassed about the fan fiction addiction. It’s perfectly natural for us to want to hear more stories about our favorite characters and even make up our own tales for Harry, Ron, and the gang. Let’s just be careful about diving TOO deeply down the rabbit hole – there’s some unsavory stuff down there.


7) Tiptoe delicately around a certain name

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Every time we talk about our favorite book, a certain evil character is always mentioned. We shall never utter their name, though. To us, “He Who Must Not Be Named” sounds just as good as the V-word.

8) Stand silently on May 2nd

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Never forget the Battle of Hogwarts.

9) Debate the best book

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Each book has its merit. From the first to the last, every one is brillaint. There’s really no debate, sadly – it’s obviously the Goblet of Fire.

10) Spend way too much time looking for our Hagrids and Dumbledores

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Everyone needs a Hagrid and/or a Dumbledore in their life. The former is the friendliest giant imaginable, while the latter may seem cantankerous at times, but is brilliant beyond reproach. Unfortunately, no one has been interested in filling the void…yet.


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