10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Bookworm

We bookworms are the best people to date. If you’re looking for a significant other, you might want to tap into the literary world. Those in a relationship with a bookworm right now can surely attest to how great we are. Book lovers are awesome people, if I dare say so myself. Here are 10 reasons why you should date one:


1. We’re open-minded  



With all of the material we’ve read, we know that the world doesn’t revolve around us. We’re able to see things from multiple points of view, hear you out, and really understand how you think. If you’re looking for someone who won’t mess with your head, then a bookworm is the one for you. 


2. We have an imagination 



We may be serious at times when discussing our favorite books, but we do have a wild imagination. Our minds have been filled with so many different novels that it’s surprising we don’t think we’re living in a fantasy world. 


3. We can talk— a lot



Since we’ve read so many words, we’re never short on them. If there’s a lull in a conversation, or a book name or author you can’t remember, you best believe that we’ve got all of the answers! If you’re feeling a little shy, or you’re not sure what to say, never fear – the bookworm is here! We’re always going to have something to say. 


4. We’re good judges of character



Evil people in literature are abundant. We know when to suspect something and we know when something doesn’t seem right. This might seem like a turn-off, but the thing is, we’re a no-nonsense group of people. We will tell you what we think, how we feel, and we’ll know if you’re a good person or not. 


5. We know exactly what we want



We’re not going to mess around with you! We’ve seen so many literary characters get screwed over, why would we want to bring it into real life? We will tell you straight up what we’re looking for and if it’s not going to work out, we’ll tell you that too. 


6.  We won’t let you down



Book lovers are loyal! We commit and we don’t back down unless something is really wrong. You can count on us to be there for you, no matter what! If you need us, we’re there. We’re a wise group of people and you’re sure to feel better after talking with us.


7. We’re adventurous



We can’t stand to just read about adventures – we have to get out and experience them for ourselves! We bookworms are sure to take you to some awesome places. Whether it’s a restaurant, a bookstore, or a special vacation, roll along with us, and you’re sure to see the world in a new way.  


8. We’re quirky



We’re a great group of people to be around. We’re funny, easy going, and the life of the party. No, we don’t normally bring books to the party, but we might talk about them. We each have a unique personality, which reflects in the material we choose to read. We’re a quirky bunch and you won’t regret being with us!


9. We’re emotional— for better or worse



We might cry at some books, we might laugh at some books, but that’s life. We’re an emotional bunch because we’ve had to live life through the eyes of many characters. From literary deaths and breakups to happy endings, sometimes we can’t help but bring that emotion with us into the real world. 


10. We will make you read some pretty amazing stuff


Last, but certainly not least, they don’t call us bookworms for giggles! We’re well-versed in the book world and are happy to show it show off. We’ll recommend the best books to you, tell endless stories about the books we’ve read, and get excited about all book things. Like a worm who lives in the dirt, we live in books!


Do yourself a favor and date a bookworm. We’re the best. 



Featured Image Via Pixar