10 Hilarious ‘Twilight’ TikToks

Twilight has been a part of our collective memoryever since the books came out in the early 2000s, and the memes that have come out of it have only gotten better with age. Here’s a list of ten hilarious Twilight TikToks so we can relive our pre-teen obsession!

1. 10/10 most traumatizing experience of my life.


2. this is canon and you can’t convince me otherwise.


I actually do this sometimes which is kinda weird but ??‍♀️ #fyp #foryou #twilight #teamvampire

♬ for twilight lovers – jasonwaud


3. you’re lying if you claim you never tried this move.


POV: you’re pushed into the dance circle but all you know is alicecullen’s pitch from #twilight (credit: @bigfatmess_) #onlyhuman #fyp #cosplay

♬ Walk Challenge – melvyn_luxe


4. Every writer has that word they can’t help but use one thousand times per chapter. 


5. where are their oscars?


6. your move, shakespeare.  


Let me know if you guys wanna see more of these because I have a lot of ideas. ? #rosesarered #twilight #jasperhale #twilightrenaissance #fyp #foryou

♬ Twilight Poetry 2 – sherrnerr894


7. can’t say i blame her.


i legit just spent hours pulling all this stuff out & putting it up, so plz don’t let it flop :) ?✨ #foryou #twilight #fyp dnc inspo: @twaimz

♬ Theme from “Twilight (Bella’s Lullaby)” – Movie Sounds Unlimited


8. Can’t blame him either.


9. Thank you, Tumblr, for your service


10. Not everyone is happy about this whole Midnight Sun thing…

Featured image via The Chimes