10 Funny Fan Stories For Twilight’s Anniversary

Vampire or werewolf? Edward or Jacob? Mortal or immortal? Fifteen years ago today, these questions (or at least some of them) were raised when Twilight was published. How has it already been fifteen years? On the other hand, though, how have we only had Twilight for fifteen years? Also, I can’t believe the book was only three years old when it was adapted into a movie. At that point, all of the books had been published, with Breaking Dawn only being a few months old, so all of Twilight fandom could binge the entire book series before even seeing the first movie.

Of course, many of us did, in fact, binge the entire book series. How would you not? Between the discovery of vampires, the realization of the fact that people in Jacob’s tribe could shape-shift into wolves, Bella throwing herself over a cliff just to catch a glimpse of Edward, Vampire fights, Wolf fights, mixed fights, a Vampire cult, and a hybrid baby, the series doesn’t exactly scream “don’t spend an entire week reading every book.” Maybe it’s just me, but countless other people have also had similar stories and experienced similar obsessions. In honor of Twilight‘s fifteenth publication anniversary, we’ve decided to gather ten of the funniest, most relatable, and maybe most cringe-worthy fandom stories. No hate here, though. One of these stories is mine, but you’ll just have to guess which one!



1. I can remember the exact moment that I became obsessed with Twilight. My mom and I were watching some movie on a DVD and during the trailers was the very first one I had seen for Twilight. It was Edward’s bedroom scene when they were dancing very awkwardly and Bella was like, “I’m not scared of you!” and he was like “You should be.” Then he immediately proceeds to yeet both of them out of his massive window. After that, the title card came across the screen. “Oh my god.” I said. I recognized Kristen Stewart right away from Catch That Kid on Disney Channel, but I had no idea who Robert Pattinson was. He was so beautiful (and still is if you have to ask). All in all, the books and the movies hold a very special place in my heart. In fact, the books were my first huge series that I had finished and I’m proud of that.




2. My friends and I would carry Eclipse and Breaking Dawn in middle school. One of our teachers was like, “what is that, the bible?” and we were actually like “yes!”


Twilight book cover | IMAGE VIA AMAZON

3. I named my dogs after Twilight characters.




4. My friends and I used to have competitions for who could draw the best Edward versus Jacob – there was a group of four of us and we would rate first through fourth place. Whoever got last place had to do a character-related dare. For example, we picked a guy at the mall for the loser to go up to and she would get down on one knee, hold out a pair of fake vampire fangs, and say, “will you be the Edward to my Bella?” If the guy took the fangs and said yes, then she would get to make someone else do a character-related dare of her choice. If he said no, then we would come up with a new competition.”



5. My friends and I went to see Twilight in the theater and then became so obsessed that we would go every week after to watch it over and over again. Sometimes, we would even go online to find one of those illegal bootleg versions of the movie, so we could watch it again sooner.


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6. I finished the first book on the way to the movie. I had ten pages left and NEEDED to finish it before I saw the movie, so I just read the last of it in the car.




7. Back in middle school when Twilight started to get big, I got the book for Christmas and I saved it for my last day of winter break to read. I woke up early and read it all in one day. I was so into it that I didn’t eat or drink any water. I was so proud of myself for getting through it in one day. The next morning, though, when I woke up to shower before going back to school, I fainted. Luckily, I didn’t hit my head or anything, but I got out of the shower and had to stay home all day, because my mom didn’t realize it was the lack of food and water that made me faint at first. She took the book away from me for a long time after that, because she blamed the book for me almost getting hurt!


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8. I fully ended a friendship because we could not come to terms with our differing opinions on the Edward versus Jacob debate. I’m still Team Edward 110%, though, so I would probably do it again.



9. As much as I love Twilight, I think I loved it even more when I realized that nobody hates on Twilight more than Robert Pattinson does. One of my favorite pastimes is watching YouTube videos of him roasting all of the things in the series. Last year he apparently had a change of heart, though, so at least he came around in time for the ten year anniversary of the movie.




10. When I finished reading the series and after I saw the first Twilight movie, I convinced myself that the entire plot was way too wildly creative for it to possibly be made up. Therefore, I thought there really was an Edward Cullen somewhere out there. I told myself that when (not if) we met, he would fall in love with me instead. Unless we already did meet and I just didn’t realize (maybe Stephenie Meyer just changed the names) and in that case, he was probably already watching me sleep, so I had to make sure I looked good every night before I went to bed. In my head, I role played what we would say to each other and made up all of these storylines for how our love story would go. I even made an agreement with my best friend that she could have Robert Pattinson, because the real Edward Cullen was mine! It’s important to note that I was way too old for this to be socially acceptable.


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