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10 Facts You Oughta Know About ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Author Kevin Kwan

The excitement and anticipation is building for the movie adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians, which hits theaters August 15th. The story follows a young Asian-American woman named Rachel who, after meeting her boyfriend Nick’s crazy family, finds out he is one of Singapore’s most eligible bachelors. From coping in the spotlight to dealing with Nick’s unsupportive mother, this may be more than Rachel bargained for.
But the man who penned this funny, sweet, and cultural flick is even better than his story. Here are ten facts about Kevin Kwan that you oughta know.
1. He originally studied photography 
He got his B.F.A in photography and design at Parsons, giving him a keen eye for trends and the aesthetically pleasing.


2. His characters feel real because they were inspired by real life
Many of his quirky characters were inspired by his own friends and by people he knows. His grandparents inspired him to start the novel in the first place.


3. His most relatable character is protagonist Rachel Chu
Kwan sometimes feels like an outsider in such a lavished world similar to the one in the story as well as in his own crazy family.


4. He uses a lot of his favorite foods to make his books feel genuine
Noodles are his go-to meal so you will find them being eaten all throughout his novels!


5. He’s currently in the process of writing a TV show
Kwan is very secretive about this upcoming project, but he’s writing a TV drama set in Hong Kong.
6. He’s an avid magazine reader
He owns every issue of Vanity Fair from 1985 to now.


7. He had a star-studded job when he first moved to New York
Elizabeth Taylor was one of the many celebrities and name brands that Kwan was a consultant for.


8. ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ main character Nick Young has a similar past to Kwan
Both character and author come from three families tied together in marriage to maintain a high social status and fortune.


9. He hasn’t always written novels
He once produced a coffee table book about Oprah’s TV show.


10. His family is also well-known, just like his book characters
Kwan’s father’s distant cousin, Nancy Kwan, starred in the 1961 Chinese comedy hit Flower Drum Song.



Featured Image Via South China Morning Post, Racked, and Amazon