10 Exciting Romance Novels Hitting The Shelves In 2024

Love is in the air for 2024! Read on to discover some sensational new romance releases we can expect this upcoming year!

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Collage of 2024 romance book releases. Book jackets for Funny Story by Emily Henry, Late Bloomer by Mazey Eddings, Night for a Day by Roselle Lim, and The Kiss Countdown by Etta Easton surrounded by hearts.

Nothing in real life is ever like what we read about in our beloved books, and love and romance are no exception. So, if you can’t go on a romantic date with someone special, you can at least go on a date with a trusty book! Here are ten highly anticipated romance releases to put on your radar in 2024.

Bride by Ali Hazelwood

Release date: February 6th

Ali Hazelwood travels into the territory of paranormal romance for her thrilling new release. The daughter of a formidable Vampyre councilman, Misery Lark, lives regularly among humans. Yet, she must return to the paranormal side and her people to preserving a peacekeeping treaty between vampyres and weres, who historically are enemies but equally merciless in nature. The only way she sees this possible is to engage in a marriage of convenience with the weres’ unforgiving Alpha, Lowe Moreland.

Book jacket of Bride by Ali Hazelwood. A woman with braided hair and a white dress stands in front of a werewolf. On the shoulder of her dress and in her hair are gold flowers. They are in the forest under a starry night sky.

Domineering Lowe doesn’t trust Misery, and rightly so; her decision to marry comes with intentions of personal gain. Lowe won’t dare to leave Misery alone for one second, but Misery doesn’t mind. She wants what she wants and will do whatever she needs to do in the Were territory to get it.

Night for Day by Roselle Lim

Release date: February 20th

Star crossed-lovers Ward Dunbar and Camille Buhay broke up to pursue their dreams, leading Camille to land in New York and Ward to travel to Los Angeles. They meet again when they apply to the same location in London, working shifts opposite each other. The spark they had years ago is still very much alive – so they promise to give their relationship another go.

Book jacket for Night for Day by Roselle Lim.  An ornate mirror, half gold and half silver, has a red heart necklace hanging from the top. At the base of the mirror, bright silver silhouettes of a woman, on the gold side, and a man, on the silver side, stand. Diamond earrings dangle from the left side of the mirror, and a gold ring dangles on the right. A sun symbol is on the top left, on the gold side of the mirror, and a moon symbol on the right.

The captivating but immortal clientele charms Ward during his day shift but gives Camille a run for her money during the night. Suddenly, both mortals find themselves trapped apart, both in the building, only being able to communicate moments before morning. They are caught in a war between the divine and supernatural, faced with impossible decisions while wondering if they should kindle the flame of their past love or snuff it out for good.

Rules for Rule Breaking by Talia Tucker

Release date: March 19th

High schoolers Winter Park and Bobby Bae have known each other their whole lives, yet they hate each other. Winter looks out for herself and is a responsible teenager on track to go to the prestigious MIT. The only person who might truly see her is her ungovernable grandmother, who encourages Winter to exercise her freedom. But, Winter’s best friend is traveling down a different path, moving overseas and skipping out on the college experience, leaving Winter with unsettling loneliness.

Book jacket of Rules for Rule Breaking by Talia Tucker. Two Korean American teens, drawn in technicolor side-eye each other. On the left is a boy in a black turtleneck. On the right is a girl in a pink and blue sweater holding a mug saying "future rocket scientist."

High-achieving, worrisome Bobby repels all potential risks and dangers, but his recent breakup has him at a complete loss. The teens’ parents offer them a reprieve from the upheaval of their looming change to adulthood with a road trip to tour a college in the northeast. Winter and Bobby decide to take the road trip with abandon, daring each other to break all the rules. On the path to self-discovery, achieved by party crashing and a slew of young adult firsts, enemies Winter and Bobby soon discover they are perfectly compatible.

The Kiss Countdown by Etta Easton

Release date: April 4th

Calling all fake-dating trope fans! Amerie Price is single, unemployed, and on the brink of losing her apartment, forced to invest everything she has in her start-up event planning business. She is prone to disaster, and to top it all off, she has an unwelcome encounter with her ex-boyfriend and his perfect girlfriend at her favorite cafe.

Book jacket for The Kiss Countdown by Etta Easton. A man in a blue space suit holds a woman lovingly in sparkly green dress and black high heels. Behind them is a Texas city skyline in pink. In the sky, a rocket flies above the couple.

To impress, she pretends to date innocent bystander Vincent Rogers, a hot astronaut who agrees to fake-date Amerie for the next three months until he’s sent to space. As long as Amerie agrees to play the part of his girlfriend for Vincent’s overbearing family, she will get to stay in his house and focus on her business. But, as the ruse continues, Amerie finds herself falling in love with the astronaut. Is it too good to be true? Or is Vincent her true love? Amerie now has less than three months to decide.

Late Bloomer by Mazey Eddings

Release date: April 16th

Hospitable Opal Devlin is fighting people off her doorstep after winning the lottery. It was supposed to change her life for the better; she was able to quit her thankless job, but her overly polite tendencies have her giving away what she earned to anyone who asks. In an effort to protect her heart, she invests all her money in a run-down flower farm in Asheville, North Carolina, hoping to let it run its course and turn the investment into her dream painting business.

Book jacket for Late Bloomer by Mazy Eddings. Two women, one blonde and in a yellow dress, the other brunette and in a white shirt with denim overalls, lean in for a kiss. Around them, flowers border the book and fall into their hair.

Upon arrival, her plans are deterred by Pepper Boden, the stubborn flower farm owner who refuses to move out. Eventually, they settle on a treaty, agreeing to grow their own ways while living side-by-side. Although they fight any chance they get, they can’t deny the blossoming attraction for each other as the days go by. Will they let it flower into something more?

Funny Story by Emily Henry

Release date: April 23rd

Daphne just got broken up with by her fiancé, who, after moving them to his hometown, discovers he is truly in love with his best friend. Left to herself in Michigan, she might have her dream job as a humble children’s librarian, but she has to implore her ex-fiancé’s new fiancée’s ex, Miles, to be her roommate. Miles, who understands precisely what Daphne is going through, is actually the exact opposite of her in terms of personality. He’s chaotic and messy, a stark contrast to Daphne’s logical level-headedness.

Book jacket for Funny Story by Emily Henry. At a bar, a man and a woman toast. The woman is in a yellow shirt, orange pants, sunglasses, and black flats. The man is in an orange shirt, green pants, and yellow crocs. A pitcher with lemons is on the bar next to the man, and a bouquet of flowers rests next to the woman.

To distract themselves from falling into a fit of broken-hearted despair, the two launch a plan to create misleading conclusions of their newfound friendship on social media. Despite this plan of deflection, the two find themselves actually falling in love in the face of heartbreak.

Playing for Keeps by Jennifer Dugan

Release date: April 30th

Two teenage girls lay together on an athletic field. On the right is a girl with short, curly blonde hair, grey shirt, and gold necklace. On the left is a girl with straight red hair, in a ponytail. She's wearing a baseball uniform. The sun sets behind them.

Enemies-to-lovers sports romance ignites in Playing for Keeps by Jennifer Dugan. Exceptional pitcher June needs to overcome – or ignore – her overuse injury to play in the game that will aid her in getting recruited to college-level baseball. Ambitious Ivy wants to officiate baseball on a professional level. Her first encounter with June includes her throwing June out of a game, but this grudge first grows into a reluctant friendship, evolving into something like love. Yet, their respective positions on the team prohibit them from a relationship. They must choose between their own dreams, their parents’ predetermined dreams for them, and their relationship.

The Pairing by Casey McQuiston

Release date: August 6th

Casey McQuiston’s enchanting fourth book follows Kit and Theo, whose nuanced history ends in a vicious breakup on a flight to Europe for a food and wine tour. Although they’ve never been able to replace what they once had, the breakup did come with its benefits. Now, Theo’s a self-assured bartender, intending to become a sommelier. In Paris, Kit bakes for an esteemed restaurant, carrying the undefeated legacy of being his pastry school’s sex god.

Book jacket for Casey McQuiston's The Pairing. Two silhouettes embrace in a kiss. Their shirts are decorated with maps, one orange and one yellow.

But, the expiration date for the missed food and win tour voucher is approaching, so Theo and Kit end up mistakenly rescheduled the trip at the same time. The next couple of weeks of a breathtaking European excursion are paired with a quote-unquote friendly competition between the two to see who could be the first to sleep with the hot Italian tour guide that evolves into a hookup rivalry. And because they definitely don’t have any unresolved feelings, gathering a roster of attractive Europeans is totally only a fun contest between two exes.

A Legend in the Baking by Jamie Wesley

Release date: November 19th

August Hodges, baker and football player, lived comfortably within his unassuming position with Sugar Blitz Cupcakes. However, a video goes viral of him passionately demanding recognition of women bakers and the end of stereotyping the art of baking. He’s quickly thrust into internet stardom and has no choice but to capitalize on the newly appointed fame for the business. August’s partners hired August’s childhood best friend’s sister, Sloane Dell, as his social media manager, tasked with reinventing the bakery in a stronger, brighter light.

Book jacket of A Legend in the Baking by Jamie Wesley. At a kitchen table, a man in a light blue shirt and navy blue apron frosts a cupcake while a woman in a yellow shirt and pink phone snaps a photo.

They both have had secret feelings for each other in the past but are determined to focus on the future, burying the lingering feelings of the past. But, all plans unravel as an unexpected, intense make-out session unleashes the truth: they are still very much in love. August and Sloane must decide if they want to risk what they have for love as sweet as the cupcakes they bake.

Love at First Book by Jenn McKinlay

Release date: May 14th

Adventurist Emily Allen is offered the experience of a lifetime; her all-time favorite author, Siobhan Riordan, asks her to relocate to Ireland to help write one of her books. It’s an amazing opportunity no bookworm would refuse, but it’s soiled by Siobhan’s impersonal son, Kieran Murphy. He makes it evident that he dislikes Emily, but she’s undeterred.

Book jacket of Love at First Book by Jenn McKinlay. In a library, a man in a beige sweater and brown pants looks at a woman with a red dress with a white collar. Both are holding books. A giant book with the title in the pages sits in front of them.

This fascinating new life chapter is a dream come true, and she is fully immersed in it. But Emily finds out that her exciting new job and Siobhan’s series finale book are the origins of Kieran’s hostile personality, a guy she begins crushing on. Soon, Emily finds herself at odds. Can she follow her dreams and harness her growing fondness for Kieran at the same time? What will she unravel if she continues turning the pages of life?

A new year requires a new book, and there’s no better way to start fresh than with feel-good love story. Although readers can’t always rely on a happy ending, we can count on romance books to fulfill our dreamy hearts with love. Choose one of the titles above and take yourself on a journey to find the bookish love of your life!

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