10 Book-Related Twitter Accounts To Follow Today

Twitter is a book lover’s best friend. If you’re using it right, you’ll have the latest book news, smart insights, fun images, and new writings from your favorite authors always at your fingertips. We’ve already showed you which of your favorite authors are best at Twitter, and now we’re helping you round out your following list with these top 10 great book-focused Twitter accounts! Let’s dive right in.


Electric Literature


Want some free literature? Electric Literature is dedicated to “saving literature one reader at a time” by inviting followers to read up-and-coming literary writers. Delusions of grandeur aside, they are a great source for new literature, which they post every Wednesday.




The insiders at GalleyCat will give you all the latest scoops from the publishing industry. Publishing is big business, so there’s always cool news about new releases, movie rights, and author deals to read about. GalleyCat’s posts are also pretty image-heavy, which is nice.


Guardian Books


The British newspaper the Guardian is one of our favorite fellow book sites. This feed is full of serious reporting and the latest book reviews from their top-notch staff. Check it out for the latest book-related news.




LitChat is a really cool concept. They’re essentially an online book club, with discussions on Twitter every Monday and Wednesday. Just hop on Twitter to join the conversation! Wine not included.


Melville House


We recommend you follow all the publishers you can – big houses like Penguin Random House are always announcing new books on Twitter. But we’re singling out Melville House because, as a small press, they have a personality on Twitter that the big guys just don’t. And by that, we mean that they’re kind of funny.


New York Public Library


The NYPL is, by some measures, the nation’s largest library. They’re also, in our subjective opinion, one of the best! The NYPL tweets about more than just local goings-on – they also offer book suggestions, research tips, images of rare items in their huge collection, and more.


New York Times Books


The New York Times Books section might be the best one in any major newspaper. And, thankfully, the nation’s paper of record maintains a separate Twitter account for the book section of their business. Check it out for reviews, news, and thoughtful essays.


The Paris Review


We consider the Paris Review to be one of literature’s most essential magazines, and the publication’s Twitter account is an extension of that. It’s a great source for long reads and deep literary thought. Couldn’t your Twitter feed use some more highbrow literary writing?


The Reading Room


You didn’t think we were going to leave ourselves off of our own list, did you? Our Reading Room Twitter account is the essential companion to our site. We tweet out links to our favorite stories, quotes from our favorite authors, and wonderful reading-related images and memes. Give us a follow!


Twitter Fiction Festival


If you need any proof of Twitter’s ability to bring readers together, just check out the Twitter Fiction Festival. The Fiction Festival is an annual event that takes place almost entirely online. Check out our full report on this year’s edition to learn more!


Stephen Lovely, Writer