10 Black Cosplayers To Go Follow Right Now!

It’s no secret that we here, at Bookstr love cosplay. Some of our own are quite the cosplayers themselves.

For Black History Month there is an online movement called “28 Days of Black Cosplay.” For the entire month, Black Cosplayers promote their fellow cosplayers as well dress to impress as black characters, anime characters and whoever they want. Here’s a list of 10 amazing Black cosplayers you should follow immediately!


1. Tygee Sensei

An anime enthusiast after my own heart. Just check out his Todoroki cosplay from My Hero Academia!


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2. Sleepysyren

Her most recent Gwen Stacy cosplay is giving me everything I need!


3. Protege_47

Protege’s Thorfinn from Vinland Saga is absolutely dashing!


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4. c0c0cosplay

C0C0’s Aurora is simply magical!


5. Mister.Medusa

Mr. Medusa’s Joker is just…I have no words. Behold the talent!


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6. Black Bettie Cosplays

Bettie’s Persephone from the webcomic Lore Olympus is utter perfection!

7. Keith Kelley Tv

Keith’s Hellboy is the epitome of cool!


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8. Black Crystal Cosplay

Crystal’s afro-tastic Bakugo (My Hero Academia) is something I never thought I needed, but now I have it and will never let it go!

9. Michael Greatness Johnson

If Piccolo always looked this I would have started watching Dragon Ball a long time ago!

10. Kai.Esh_Black

Kai.Esh is serving us a full Storm fantasy and I am eating it!

This list doesn’t even scratch the surface of the amazing black cosplayer content out there. Do your bit to support. Give them a follow, watch their TikToks, leave an encouraging comment and let them know how dope they are! Make sure to follow Black Cosplayers Official on Instagram, where you can find more cosplayers to follow. Did we miss any of your faves? Shout them out in the comment and leave a link to their socials!

Featured image via Essence