10 Best Careers for People Who Love to Read Books

Are you an avid reader who just graduated college, or who is currently working an unfulfilling job? Are you thinking of how to apply your love of reading to a job that will actually make you money? Check out these ten jobs that are perfect for readers!


book reader

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1. Librarian



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You expected this, didn’t you? Of course, when someone wants a career in books, this is the one that comes to mind. You will not always be reading books, but you will be surrounded by them. You will impart your wisdom, passion, and devotion to reading to the youth, and have discussions with like-minded people!


2. Literary Agent



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A literary agent is the bridge between the author and publisher. They are the writer’s representatives, who seek out publishers and negotiate deals and contracts. They also read a bunch of manuscripts before they decide want to take a chance on a writer. It is highly recommended to find an agent, rather than submitting your manuscript un-agented to a publishing house, many of whom won’t accept manuscripts from authors who are not represented by an agent.


3. Publisher



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Working at a publisher means you could be involved in the editing, cover design, marketing or any other aspect of the production of a book. In any of these fields, you can exercise your creativity, choices, and have your eyes on the page all day! What more could you want?


4. Proofreader



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If you love to read, then surely you appreciate the rules of grammar. The job of proofreaders is to correct grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes. Proofreading is one of the most available and desired positions to be filled in the job market.


5. Script Reader


script reader

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Are you into movies, television series, or films in general? You can read script submissions from writers who are looking to work on a desired show, and make the decision to accept or toss it onto the rejection pile. Reading a lot of books, plays, and scripts, makes you qualified to decide what is acceptable.


6. Book Reviewers



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Based on employer’s rules and regulations you get to critique books by writing articles or on book websites—regarding essence of story like plot, setting, tone, and believability.


7. Translator



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This job requires you to be at least bilingual. A translator translates books between languages. You are expected to read and rewrite copies—taking into consideration of grammar rules. As a reader, you are passionate about the essence of language, and this job will provide a closer relationship with it.


8. Book Publicist



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You will be responsible and accountable for marketing books. You’ll be scheduling book signings, contacting media outlets such as newspapers, radio shows, and television producers to schedule interviews for representation and promotion for the targeted book.


9. Teacher



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Want to inspire fresh young minds to read? Then being a reading level teacher for elementary school is just for you! You could also be an English teacher in middle school or high school or even college professor!


10. Independent Bookstore Proprietor


Independent book store

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Are you the kind of person that does not like to work for others? If you are looking forward to opening up your own business and immersing yourself in your love into reading somewhere, you can open up your bookstore with the help of social media and the internet these days. This way you will have a duty for others by helping their book reading passion.


As you come to the end of the list, then you will see that there are plenty of jobs for book lovers who need your love of reading, passion for writing, and knowledge of grammar. All it takes is to explore and to open your heart and your book up to the possibilities!


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