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Zelda the Curious Cat Is Getting Her Own Book!

Zelda the Cat is one precious little kitter. One look at those eyes, and you're hooked; you need your daily fix of cuteness and cat mischief. Well, for all you Zelda the Curious Cat fans out there, this particularly iconic kitten is getting her own book deal!



5 Supremely Chill Book Characters Who'll Inspire You to Relax

Its National Relaxation Day! We all have so many different stresses in our life. More often than not during the day, we forget to take a breather and try to relax, if only for a couple minutes, and forget about our problems to enjoy a specific moment or activity.

5 Lit-Related Tweets For All Your Friday Needs!

Oh that lovely Friday feeling; nothing and I mean nothing can beat that. Maybe if food was involved then everything would be bliss on a stick, but for now we’ve got something that could help.

10 Super-Lazy Descriptions of Popular Books

In honor of National Lazy Day, we here at bookstr were at first stumped at how to incorporate laziness into our content. We always work diligently, so we were obviously challenged. Than we realized the solution was always with us.

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