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5 Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List

It's almost summer! Hopefully that means you'll have more free time to fill with reading. If you have no idea what to read to kick off your summer reading, here are five books to help you out.


The Seven Stages of Not Doing the Reading Assignment

Your English professor assigned you a book. You didn’t read it.


Gasp. I know, I’m sorry. I hope I haven’t shattered your conception of reality. I hope I haven’t robbed you of gravity itself. I hope you still have access to oxygen on planet Earth.

12 Obscure Verbs You've Never Heard of

The sheer amount of verbs out there will discombobulate you, if you stop and cogitate. Seriously, cogitate for a moment with me about all the words in the English language that nobody uses. Maybe they’re archaic or obsolete or slang, but they still mean the thing they’re meant to mean.

10 Isaac Asimov Quotes to Rock the Foundation of Your Mind!

Isaac Asimov’s books are crucial to the sci-fi genre, and he wrote a ton of them. He wrote and edited hundreds of novels, and many of them have gone on to influence generations of writers. He was also a professor of biochemistry at Boston University. Not too shabby.

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