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Sleeping is a Waste of Time at These Literary Inspired Hotels

Some people love reading so much that they try and sleep surrounded by as many as possible. Luckily, there are people out there designing and building such places of sorcery just for them. Bookstr has compiled a lovely list of 9 hotels where you can have a unique literary experience for as long as your bank account lets you. Sleep surrounded by books, sleep under them, have a bookshelf for a door, sleep in a Virginia Woolf themed room, we don't really care. Just do you. 


1. Book and Bed, Tokyo.


Book and bed

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Book and Bed

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The atmosphere of this small, 30 bed hostel is optimized for rest, relaxation and reflection. It's grounded in the heart of bustling Asakusa, the entertainment and shopping district of Tokyo where book lovers can come and be surrounded by their favorite pass time. Comfortable lounge areas to read and write dot the property and from reading up on reviews, guests have coined it an extraordinary experience where sleeping almost seems like a waste of time. You sleep in snug little cubbies hidden behind bookshelves, laden with over 3,000 books.



2. Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore.



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A member of Design Hotels and located in Singapore's Little India, this hotel was built with unique retro accents and has something for everyone to enjoy. This spot has a freakin indoor treehouse and spaceship, not to mention a bedroom decorated to resemble the inside of a type writer. Whether you're an old-school typist or a modern day Macbook user, Wanderlust will certainly inspire your inner writer, having housed many curious voyagers to its old ethic enclave in the city. At Wanderlust, the hotel staff want you to "walk the unconventional path where a radical hotel experience awaits." We're so down.


3. Hotel Not Hotel, Amsterdam


Hotel not Hotel

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Hotel not Hotel



Hotel Not Hotel doesn't just attract guests from all over the world, it is also a trendy place for locals to hang out due to the open floor plan and inviting nature of the building. The Kevin Bacon Bar serves as the hotel's watering hole, cooking mainly Thai food for dinner and directly connected to the two story trendy communal space in the center of the building, complete with long drawing tables and sofas - perfect for chilling with a book and a glass of wine. There are less than 20 hotel rooms in the property, most of which are upstairs and are accessed through the floor to ceiling bookshelves that wrap around the upper mezzanine. Deep leather seats are dotted along the balconies, complete with green bankers lamps and old chess boards for an antique feel. Rooms are not just rooms in the establishment either, each is thematically different to the next and has its own creator, story, and identity. For instance, the room photographed above is the tram bedroom, whereas its neighbor is an elaborate islamic archway intricately carved out of wood. Located in an up and coming part of town, in Amsterdam's Old West neighborhood, the hotel is a delight for book lovers and artists and designers of any form to come and have a look at.


4. The Library Hotel, New York City


Library Hotel

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library hotel

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Located not too far from the New York Public Library in Midtown Manhattan, this boutique hotel is home to 10 floors of bedrooms based off of the Dewey Decimal System. This means there are bedrooms inspired by Mythology, Technology and Oceanography, which is a pretty sweet idea. The hotel is complete with a writer's den, a fully stocked reading room and a poetry garden which also serves as a rooftop bar with a view of downtown Manhattan. The reading room is open 24 hours a day. There is something for every type of reader here, for you can stay in the Zoology room, the Fairy Tales room, or the Astrology room, all of which are stocked with books of their genre. Perfect for all you categorical fiends. 


5. The Ambassade Hotel, Amsterdam



Image Via Meetings Booker


Library Bar

Image Via Ambassade Hotel


This establishment is a literary retreat located on Herengracht and rises above a canal of the same name. With a guest list that includes names such as Umberto Eco, Zadie Smith, Mario Vargas Llosa and Isabelle Allende, the Ambassade Hotel is a very special place that pays proper homage to Amsterdam's somewhat overlooked literary scene. It is home to a vibrant community of book lovers and this location hosts up to 4,000 books, signed by authors who have stayed here. The guestbook is also a delight to flick through for it was written by actors, musicians, architects and philosophers who all came to this place to enjoy a cocktail at the award winning Library Bar, photographed above.


6. Sylvia Beach Hotel, Newport, Oregon


Sylvia Beach

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Sylvia Beach

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The coolest thing about Sylvia Beach Hotel, formerly the Cliff House Hotel, is that its rooms are inspired by popular authors like Agatha Christie, J.K. Rowling, Mark Twain, and as pictured above, the Steinbeck Room and the Oscar Wilde Room. Here you can really lose yourself to the world of literature and catch your breath sitting on a deck chair facing the Pacific Ocean. The Sylvia Beach hotel is located in Newport, Oregon on the central Oregon coast on a bluff above Nye Beach. It is owned by the famous expatriate American bookseller and publisher, Sylvia Beach who opened the Shakespeare and Company Bookstore in Paris in 1919. This location was built in 1912 and renovated in the 80s to become a 21 room literary themed bed and breakfast. It is listed on the U.S National Register of Historic Places and also on the Emer's Goal list.


7. Il Salviatino, Florence


Il Salviatino

Image Via Travel Channel


El Salvatino

Image Via Travel Channel


Yes, you will be staying in the rolling hills above Florence and yes, you will be in a 15th century villa in the beautiful town of Fiesole, surrounded by frescoes, a museums worth of art, and twelve acres of impeccably landscaped gardens. And obviously, you will be eating lots of tortellini and reading lots of books in the oaky library. Need we go on..


8. The Heathman Hotel, Portland


Heathman Hotel

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This location has an on-site literary curator for the properties' ever-growing collection of books, complete with a library that specializes in autographed editions signed by Pulitzer Prize winners, U.S. Poet Laureates, former presidents and authors who have stayed at the Hotel. It is located in the heart of downtown Portland and is said to be getting a multi million dollar face lift later this year. It also hosts a dumpling night in its restaurant each month... yes dumplings.



9. The Gladstone, Flintshire, North Wales



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Image Via Shelley Harris


This historical location is less of a hotel and more of a library that supplies bedrooms for those people who just need to read ALL DAY LONG AND ALL NIGHT LONG TOO. Home to 250,000 volumes, the illustrious reading rooms, leather armchairs you can curl up in with a fat stack of books for the weekend or start your novel at the appointed desks where 250 novels are said to have been completed. The Gladstone is one of those places where you feel regal AF with its creepy Hogwartsian feel and Medieval aura.


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