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5 Books For Those Soon-to-be College Graduates

Ah yes, May is the time of bright sunny days, budding flowers, and yes the ever-feared college graduation day. I know it well; it’s a feeling of excitement, relief, pride, and you’re looking forward to the next chapter. Many will say they feel free, I did too when I graduated!

17 of the Best Opening Lines in Literature

The opening sentence of a book can determine a lot of things (including whether or not you decide to keep going with said book). It's the author's first invitation into a world of their own creation.

3 Unmissable Books to Read This Week

Trying to choose which new releases to dive into in a world swimming with incredible books published weekly can sometimes feel overwhelming. But have no fear, there's no need to fret; I am here to save the day.

5 Reasons Why Us Bookworms Feel Everything So Deeply

I don’t want to sound all biased, but I have to say that bookworms are some of the best people on earth. Yes that is a big statement, but I think we can all agree that it’s a fact. We’re intellectual, funny, kind, emotional, and we can blow through 700 pages in about four days.

14 Book-Inspired Foods That Are Almost Too Good to Eat

I am sure that I speak for many of us when I say that besides reading, one of my favorite things to do is eat.  It seems logical, then, that these two pastimes should be combined. Scroll down for pictures of food that will appeal to your literary tastes and tempt your taste buds.


Nine of the Best #DressLikeABook Photos!

The nonprofit organization Electric Literature, which works to make literature relevant, accessible, and inclusive, has just released a new contest under the hashtag #DressLikeABook.


8 Lesser Known Books By Very Famous Authors

Some authors have one or two books for which they are so famous that hardly anyone is aware that they ever wrote anything else. Well, now you have no excuse not to be aware. Read on to learn about eight books by famous authors that you probably never knew existed.


5 Hysterically Funny Picture Books for Adults

In today's world of memes and short attention spans, not everybody wants to read long, epic novels that double as door-stoppers. Adults can also enjoy picture books, especially those that are made with adults in mind. If you need a good laugh, pick up one of the side-splitting books below.