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5 Retellings of Classic Novels That You Should Read Now

Classic literature is great, but even I, an avid reader and stereotypical English major, sometimes wish these stories were a bit more contemporary. Fortunately, many modern authors have created their own stories that adapt the plots, characters, and/or spirit of the originals for a new century.

5 Reasons Why the Beach Is the Best Place to Read

I am beyond excited to kick summer off soon. Hot days, long afternoons, and late nights with friends. Not to mention all the parties, barbecues, and, of course, beach days. One of my absolute favorite places to go during the summer (or anytime of year) is the beach.

11 Book-Related Gifts For Father's Day

Father's Day is this Sunday, so what better way to show the bookish fathers in your life some love than by giving them one of these great literary-themed gifts? Read on for some gifts that every book-loving dad will enjoy.



13 Memoirs About Celebrity Dads

Father's Day is approaching fast! It's a time to celebrate the dads in your life along with all of the advice, mentoring, tough yet unconditional love, and horribly cheesy jokes they bring to the table.



7 of the Best Literary Families of All Time

I’m definitely a family-oriented person; if there’s one group of people I can always count on besides friends, it’s without a doubt my family.  They’re loving, supportive, and, at many times, so damn loud and over-the-top that I can only laugh.


5 Important Works of Literature Lost to History

Historians and book-lovers alike lament the loss of countless precious books, plays, and poems throughout the course of history. They are lost to war, to fire, to accidents, to sheer coincidence. Here are a few lost works that many a scholar would kill to get their hands on.


Five Book Characters Based on People the Author Knew

Many celebrated authors throughout history have admitted to turning people from their own lives into some of their most iconic characters. Some of these characters are well-known to have real-life counterparts, while others are more surprising. Here are a few of each.



7 Stunning Memoirs About Mental Illness

Mental health, along with the illnesses that can plague us, make up some of the most taboo, stigmatized topics of discussion within our society today. Historically speaking, society has always had a difficult time equating mental illnesses with the same sincerity physical illnesses foster.

The Pros and Cons of Listening to Music While Reading

I’m sure many of you fine folks would agree that one of the best ways to make anything better is music. A break up, a party, a spring cleaning session. Once you add music it’s a whole different story. Especially when you play it while reading.


Six Best LGBTQ Novels and Comics

Pride month is here! Celebrate by checking out some graphic novels and comics featuring LGBT themes and main characters that are part of the LGBT community.  Since June is the sixth month of the year and also Pride month here are six of the best LGBT graphic novels and comics. 

Great Novels That Take Place Over One Summer

If you are looking for some summer reading, why not try some stories that take place over a single summer? These books can help you get through the irritating summer heat and can make your day whether it's spent reading by a wide and quiet beach or an overcrowded and sweaty subway train.