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As If Further Justification Were Needed, Buying Harry Potter Merch This Week Will Benefit Charity

Out of Print Clothing and The Harry Potter Alliance have partnered, with proceeds going to Accio Books

It's National Library Week, y'all. You know what that means? Apart from the fact that you should patronize your library more than ever, it means that Out of Print clothing and The Harry Potter Alliance are partnering for what Hello Giggles is reporting as their annual Accio Books campaign. This year, they're sending thousands upon thousands of books to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico.


How can you help? Well, 10% of profits from Out of Print's sales of Harry Potter items during National Library Week will go towards the Accio Books campaign. 


Out of Print has an absolutely magical line of Harry Potter merch that is covetable to the extreme any week of the year, so why not take the opportunity to indulge yourself and help bring books to the children of Puerto Rico?


Via Giphy

Via Giphy


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Featured Image Via Birth.Movies.Death.