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The Full-Length Captain Marvel Trailer Dropped and Fans Are Going Nuts!

This movie is going to be epic.
For all you Marvel fans out there, it is, indeed, the most wonderful time of the year! The first full-length Captain Marvel trailer is here. And yes, it is marvelous. Carol Danvers once again has us totally hooked.


The brand new trailer gives more of a look into Captain Marvel’s journey while she’s away from Earth as well as when she returns and begins to build a relationship with Fury. But first and foremost, we’re ready to go for a ride to see just exactly how she became the awesome superhero that she is. We could all use some tips to be more badass.


Check out the mind-blowing trailer below!




And if you think that's cool, check out these hilarious fan tweets that, oddly enough, have us agreeing with their feelings.






Yes people, you better get excited.



Featured Image Via Wired