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7 Plays That Are Just as Fun to Read as They Are to Watch

Aside from Shakespeare's classics, it seems as though the reading of plays is a dying art form. It's not that people don't still read plays, but in my personal life I get the sense that not many of my friends are choosing to pick a play to read over the classic novel format.

Rikers Island Inmates Use Poetry to Feel Free Behind Bars

The women who live at the Rose M. Singer Center on Rikers Island might be inmates, but they're also accomplished authors. A small group of women gather together once a week for a writer's workshop where they are encouraged to write what's on their mind.

11 Frida Kahlo Quotes to Help You Find Yourself

We’ve had some serious legends come in and out of our world throughout history. Those who have spoken, created, fought, and given in ways that changed the course of time. The one I’m talking about is the woman who gave new life and inspiration to the Mexican culture and the arts.
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