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11 Dreamy Quotes From the Alluring Zelda Fitzgerald

I know everyone and their mother loves a good F. Scott Fitzgerald work, but have we all forgotten about his notable significant other, the powerhouse that was Zelda Fitzgerald. Her spunk, fiery personality, and artistic style made for an explosive pairing with Scott.

This Judge Sentenced Teen Vandals to Read Important Literature

We live in a world where sometimes, the punishment doesn’t always fit the crime. And in this case, people seem to be divided when it comes down to history. It was in September 2016 that five teens vandalized the historical site Ashburn Colored School in Virginia.

5 Fur-abulous Fiction Books For the Ultimate Animal-Lover

I am without a doubt a person who loves any and everything animal-related. However, when it comes to sad animal movies, don’t count me in, my heart simply can’t take it. This goes for many people, yet we still sit down to watch it and torture ourselves. So what about the books?


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