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7 Summer Reading Books That I Ended up Loving

As an English major, my eyes have crossed paths with more books than I could really remember. Sometimes I see or read something that reminds me of a specific scene or plot and it triggers a feeling. Not always, but sometimes.

Another Stephen King Work Is Coming to Our TV Screens!

A new year means new TV shows to watch; previews and premieres begin to bombard us and I’m lucky if I can keep up with just one let alone five.Guess what? I’ve got another to add to the list and it’s from one of the biggest, darkest, and successful authors I know.

11 A.A. Milne Quotes That Are as Sweet as Honey

Childhood magic is usually captured through the books we’ve read and the world we’ve imagined in the comfort of our backyards or sunlit bedrooms. The sky was the limit on a bright afternoon and seeking out new adventures with friends is how we lived and learned.

PBS Assembles an All-Star Panel for Their Annual Reading Event!

When it comes to reading, books, and literacy, we can never have enough inspiration. This is why I love to see some of the greatest authors and celebs step up and work their magic. Well now we’ve got an all-star group of authors to do exactly that across the whole nation.


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