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Here's How to Celebrate Christmas the Charles Dickens Way

It’s no surprise that Charles Dickens and Christmastime go together as perfectly as milk and cookies. His novella A Christmas Carol has become one of literature’s greatest works and the holiday season’s most popular and classic stories.

Emily Brontë's Poems Produced as Songs to Mark Her 200th Birthday!

If you're a fan of the Brontë sisters then you'll be delighted to hear that Emily Brontë's poems are being made into songs. A folk band by the name The Unthanks and Adrian McNally made audio soundtracks of the poems and paired them with original music they have composed. 


Judge Orders Deer Poacher to Watch Bambi as Part of Punishment

For decades environmentalists and nature lovers have been doing what they can to preserve and protect natural wildlife, while spreading the word for others to do the same, but some people have still not gotten the memo, or they've chosen to ignore it.


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