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5 Books to Celebrate 4/20

As a token of our appreciation for our wonderful readers, we wanted to give you some spaced out books to read this holiday season regardless of if you partake in the festivities. These books will fire up your creativity and spark that epiphany some of the more bookish smokers are looking for.

11 Dreamy Quotes From the Alluring Zelda Fitzgerald

I know everyone and their mother loves a good F. Scott Fitzgerald work, but have we all forgotten about his notable significant other, the powerhouse that was Zelda Fitzgerald. Her spunk, fiery personality, and artistic style made for an explosive pairing with Scott.

This Harry Potter Gymnastics Performance Needs a 10/10

If there’s one thing I love more than anything during the Olympics, it’s the music that the competitors choose for their performances. I’ve heard "Phantom of the Opera," Celine Dion for ice-skating, as well as some pretty cool tunes for the gymnastic floor sessions.

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