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3 Questionable Acts by Your Favorite Superheroes

Through the years, a plethora of superheroes from a variety of creators and writers have inspired us to always do good. Whether it be normal crime-fighting on the streets or saving the entire universe from huge threats, superheroes usually do the right thing. Usually.

10 Famous Authors and Their Feline Muses

Have you ever been to Strand Bookstore in New York City? If you have, then you must have noticed that there are so many cattish things around you: cat pins, cat books, cat stickers, cat pens, cat mugs, cat____ (you can fill in anything you can imagine).

10 of the Most Amusing Literature-Related Tweets from This Week

What better way to get into the Friday feeling than by splitting your sides laughing? The Twitterverse never fails to offer up top class literature related comedy for the gloomy bookworm, so enjoy our round-up of some of the greatest tweets from the last week.