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The Book at the Center of Hit TV Show 'Younger' to Be Published IRL

When fiction becomes reality

Every once in a while in movies or on television, you'll see characters talking about a book that sounds so interesting that you wish it was real just so you could read it too. And every once in a while, this wish comes true: Harry Potter's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Quidditch Through the Ages, or Jane the Virgin's Snow Falling. Now Simon & Schuster is set to publish Marriage Vacation, the fictional tell-all from TV Land's hit show Younger.


Younger Cast

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In the show, Liza gets the opportunity to edit the aforementioned book. Written by Pauline Turner Brooks, it's the story of Kate Carmichael, a woman who leaves her husband and children in order to find herself. The book is based on Pauline's life. That would be great if only Pauline wasn't the estranged wife of Liza's boss Charles...and if Liza and Charles hadn't just been making out in his office. Liza then gets stuck reading and editing the manuscript, which casts Charles in a less-than-flattering light, while Pauline, who is clueless about Liza's budding relationship with Charles, won't stop telling Liza about how much she wants to win her husband back. Talk about awkward.


Pauline and Liza

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The now real-life book promises to be an engaging read for both fans of the show as well as those who have never watched it. It describes Kate's journey from a comfortable but empty life in Manhattan's Upper East Side to a place of self-discovery halfway around the world. Speaking to Simon & Schuster, Younger creator Darren Star said, “Marriage Vacation has everything you want in a novel—fascinating characters, drama, secrets, emotional reckonings, and far flung adventure.”


The book's release date is set for June 5 of this year, and you can pre-order it here on Amazon.


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