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pichon class
Teacher Writes Children's Book ‘Messages from Maryam’ Inspired by Brave Refugees
According to The Breeze, Lauren Pichon was inspired to write her 'Messages from Maryam' children’s book after hosting two Iraqi refugees in her English language class. The book is meant to teach children to have courage in the face of adversity and to treat others who have gone through such hardships with compassion.


Harry Potter "derp" face
Here's the Weirdest, Most Disturbing Harry Potter Merch Online
If you've spent any time in fandom spaces on the Internet, you'll know how weird things can get. And you'll also know this terrifying truth: things can always get weirder. These five pieces of Harry Potter merchandise might make you want to Ravenclaw your eyes out... or maybe you'll want to throw in some galleons to have them as your own.


Which Calligraphic Script Type Are You?
Which Calligraphic Script Type Are You?
Find out which beautiful type of Islamic calligraphy matches your personality.