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5 H.P. Lovecraft Stories to Make You Fall In Love with Cosmic Horror

There is so much that humanity does not know. The universe is huge, mostly dark, and ever expanding. H.P. Lovecraft is an author who obsessed over this main premise. The genre he is most closely associated with, cosmic horror, dives deep into this fear of what is hidden from our species.

I Didn't like the New 'It' Movie and Here's Why

I've no doubt that the opinion I'm about to put forth is going to be an unpopular one, but I did not particularly care for the new movie based on the Stephen King novel, ITI was fully prepared to love it to pieces, after a

Another Stephen King Work Is Coming to Our TV Screens!

A new year means new TV shows to watch; previews and premieres begin to bombard us and I’m lucky if I can keep up with just one let alone five.Guess what? I’ve got another to add to the list and it’s from one of the biggest, darkest, and successful authors I know.
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