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This Harry Potter Film Relic Sold for an Insane Amount of Cash

The rare 'Prisoner of Azkaban' Wanted Poster sold to an anonymous buyer

One of the six full-sized prototypes of the moving wanted poster of Sirius Black has sold at Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas to an anonymous buyer.



Poster sold at auction | Image via Daily Mail


Heritage Auctions is no stranger to breaking world records with selling Harry Potter merchandise, including the chair that J.K. Rowling sat in when she wrote the first two books in the series sold for $394,000. 



J.K. Rowling Chair | Image via Daily Mail


The poster was originally estimated to sell for $3,000 - $6,000, but tripled that selling for $18,000. The sold poster is now one of the world’s most valuable Harry Potter movie poster sold to date. The poster itself was a prototype put into production by Warner Bros, but then pulled due to the costly nature of producing them. 


The man, Mr. Fox, who bought one of six posters is an avid collector of Harry Potter memorabilia also owning first editions of the beloved series. 


Featured Image Via Pinterest