Treat Yo Self with $250 and Settle Smarter!

Treat Yo Self with $250! Settling Smarter means putting yourself first.

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If there was ever a time for treating yourself, it’s now. Even better: you can treat yourself while developing your lifestyle and ‘Settling Smarter’. Dana Look-Arimoto can tell you how. All you need to do is enter the competition below, and you’re in the running for a $250 Amazon gift card!! It’s all yours to spend on books, niche home-ware, books, new gadgets, or… BOOKS!

Treat Yo' Self to a $250 Amazon Gift Card! (Contest on


About Dana:

Dana Look-Arimoto, owner and founder of the consulting and advisory firm, Phoenix⁵, is launching a unique vision that ditches the never ending search for “work-life balance” for integration in all areas of life, for all people.
Following up on her book Stop Settling, Settle Smart, and her advisory role to CEOs, Dana is now taking her decades of knowledge from leading corporations and coaching leaders of all kinds, to become a universal resource for understanding how to adapt and overcome challenges in a way that works for YOU.

About Settle Smarter:

Settle Smarter is a new way to consciously prioritize your life in a way that it becomes more joyful, productive, and valuable for YOU. Settle Smarter uses practical tools and tips to guide you towards making voluntary trade-offs in the important facets of your life to shape it in the way that you want.






About Settle Smarter Podcast:

She has launched her new weekly Podcast “Settle Smarter” where each week she presents the rethinking of the myth of work-life balance and shows you how to create true work-life integration through conscious choices. Her expert guests provide actionable insights and advice as to how to navigate inside and across life’s key facets that we all have in common. Listen and learn from Dana’s simple and practical ways to make tradeoffs and reprioritize your life for it to become more joyful, productive and valuable.


About Instagram – daily tips and advice:

Dana is reaching out to the public like never before, launching @Settlesmarter on Instagram – featuring daily tips, motivation, and inspiration on how one can “settle smarter” in their life, and bring integration, balance and happiness to it. Each post features custom graphics and blog-like posts to coach and educate Gen-Z, millennials, and beyond.



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Treat Yo' Self to a $250 Amazon Gift Card! (Contest on


About Settling, Settle Smarter Book:

Work-life balance is a myth.

It paints the ideal of the superhuman who is able to have it all by doing it all. Well, reality begs to differ. Stop Settling® is a unique vision, devised by author, coach, and international speaker Dana Look-Arimoto, that helps you understand who you are, what’s important to you, and make conscious choices about where you want to spend your time. It’s all about knowing how to Settle Smart.

It’s not about balance. It’s about harmonious integration powered by what it is that you really want!



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