Trip by Tao Lin

Sweepstakes! Enter For a Chance to Win One of Ten Copies of Tao Lin’s ‘Trip’!

Enter for a chance to win a copy of Trip by Tao Lin! Ten lucky winners will each receive a copy of the novel, released May 1st.

Sweepstakes! Enter For a Chance to Win one of 10 Copies of Tao Lin's 'Trip'! (Contest on


About the Book


While reeling from one of the most creative–but at times self-destructive–outpourings of his life, Tao Lin discovered the strange and exciting work of Terence McKenna. McKenna, the leading advocate of psychedelic drugs since Timothy Leary, became for Lin both an obsession and a revitalizing force. In Trip, Lin’s first book-length work of nonfiction, he charts his recovery from pharmaceutical drugs, his surprising and positive change in worldview, and his four-year engagement with some of the hardest questions: Why do we make art? Is the world made of language? What happens when we die? And is the imagination more real than the universe?


In exploring these ideas and detailing his experiences with psilocybin, DMT, salvia, and cannabis, Lin takes readers on a trip through nature, his own past, psychedelic culture, and the unknown.


Praise for Trip


“Addictive…. Strikingly vivid…. Lin coherently challenges the sense behind labeling psychedelics as controlled substances…. A kaleidoscopic fever dream of ideas, idolatry, and lots of drugs: uniquely produced and curiously intoxicating.” — Kirkus Reviews

“An introspective work…. [Lin] chronicles his experiences with various psychedelic drugs in his first nonfiction book, weaving autobiography, history, and spiritual journey together to pose existential questions.”— Publishers Weekly