Tough Mothers

Sweepstakes! Enter for a Chance to Win a Copy of Jason Porath’s ‘Tough Mothers’!

Enter for a chance to win a copy of Jason Porath’s upcoming second novel Tough Mothers! One lucky winner will receive a copy of the novel which will be released on April 3rd.


Sweepstakes! Enter for a Chance to Win a Copy of Jason Porath's 'Tough Mothers'! (Contest on


“Jason Porath manages to be simultaneously irreverent and respectful in this delightfully illustrated collection of vignettes, which explore all the ways a woman can be tough. Tough Mothers is packed with inspirational, cautionary, and sometimes difficult stories of the power of mothers through the centuries and around the world.” — Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Frey, Hosts of Stuff You Missed In History Class


“The stories of the forgotten women herein have nourished me in a way I’m having difficulty articulating, sating a hunger I didn’t know I had. I needed these women. In all their glorious imperfection, they have made me stronger. And now I am hungry for more.” — Kelly Sue DeConnick, author Of Bitch PlanetPretty Deadly, and Captain Marvel