Enter to WIN Your Name in a Peter James Novel, Plus More Thrilling Peter James Prizes



Peter James, the UK’s biggest selling crime thriller novelist who has had thirteen consecutive Sunday Times No 1 bestselling novels, offers the winner the opportunity to have a character with the name of their choice, or a company name, in a future Roy Grace novel.  If the winner choses to be a character, they can be a goody, a baddy, a police officer or even a corpse!

Enter the sweepstakes for your chance to win your name in a future Peter James novel, as well as other thrilling Peter James prizes, including a signed copy of his explosive new thriller Absolute Proof, as well as bestsellers The House on Cold Hill and Dead If You Don’t, a Peter James tote bag, Roy Grace cap and mugs, pens book marks, and USB sticks! What a prize!


Enter for a Chance to WIN Your Name in Peter James' Next Novel, Copy of 'Killing Proof,' and More! (Contest on Hive.co)


Peter James’s series of Detective Superintendent Roy Grace novels are published in 37 languages, in 52 countries, with world sales of 19 million and he is a No 1 bestseller in many countries, including France, Germany, Russia and across Scandinavia, as well as a New York Times bestseller, so instant global celebrity or advertising awaits this lucky winner!

Don’t miss your chance to get involved and win a chance to have a character named after you in an upcoming Peter James novel plus other thrilling prizes!

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You can also find Peter James on audible!


Peter James can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and online at PeterJames.com