Enter to Win Swashbuckling Treasure From Newton’s ‘Privateers’!

Whether you’re a scallywag or a buccaneer, we’ve got some incredible prizes on offer to celebrate the release of Charlie Newton’s ‘Privateers’

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Avast ye! This summer looks very different to those before, but your swash-buckling adventure doesn’t have to be cancelled. Instead, we want to help you live your best life on the high seas – even if your vessel is a good book and not a ship. The latest book by Charlie Newton, Privateers is for buccaneers and landlubbers alike, and will have you reaching for your cutlass and rum bottle. Thankfully, we have some prizes for exactly that. Batten down the hatches, and get ready, because one lucky pirate is about to win the perfect booty. 


Enter for a Chance to WIN 'Cash, Booze and more! with 'Privateers' Pirate's Booty! (Contest on Hive.co)




Privateers by Charlie Newton

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Privateers is the action-packed novel your summer reading list has been waiting for. From pirates and treasure, to war and conspiracy, it will have you by the throat from the very beginning. 

World War I rages. US marines storm Haiti’s Banque Nationale, loot $26 million in gold, then vanish. A century later, clues surface during the demolition of a Chicago racetrack, pointing to the Corazón Santo–the notorious triangle of Havana, Kingston, and Port-au-Prince. Three fierce, vibrant women reunite to hunt the treasure, hoping it will buy their survival from a long-buried, catastrophic misjudgment. They conscript a streetwise Chicago horseplayer’s help, then risk a return into the Caribbean’s mangrove jungles and mountains that have tried to kill them before. The uneasy partners are quickly swallowed in a terrifying labyrinth of shadow government and modern-day piracy where a final choice will be forced upon them: gold, survival, or redemption?





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We have a treasure chest of prizes up for grabs, and you won’t want to miss them! 

The most important thing for any pirate – is the booty. We’ve got a $150 gift voucher, redeemable for any number of worldly treasures.

Of course, we can’t have you book-less, so we have a signed copy of Privateers up for grabs! Signed by author Charlie Newton, and not Davy Jones.  But that’s not all!

While we can’t endorse being three sheets to the wind, we want all scallywags to be fully equipped with a pirate’s most vital asset – rum! We’ve got a $100 liquor voucher to redeem at your nearest port, to keep the fire in your belly when it’s cold at sea. 

Instead of taking a cutlass to a sailor that has wronged you, we’ve got a game of Operation for the lucky winner! Be careful, you don’t want your ‘patient’ to feed the fish! 


Enter for a Chance to WIN 'Cash, Booze and more! with 'Privateers' Pirate's Booty! (Contest on Hive.co)


Heave ho and get entering!





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Charlie Newton is a Chicago native, a writer known for a global life on the road and extended MIA absences. When he does publish, Newton’s heart-pounding, gritty, and witty realism has been a starred-review favorite of the critics and a finalist for the Edgar®, the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger, the Macavity, and the International Thriller Writers awards. Newton is the author of Calumet City (Simon & Schuster, 2008), Start Shooting (Doubleday, 2012), Traitor’s Gate (Thomas & Mercer, 2015), and Privateers (BlackType Press, 2020).


Enter for a Chance to WIN 'Cash, Booze and more! with 'Privateers' Pirate's Booty! (Contest on Hive.co)

Best of luck to all the brave sea-faring entrants!


**Must be 21 and over to enter **

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