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First Look at 'Shazam!' Promises Incredible Things!

A story about a boy living the superhero dream!

As the new year begins, so too does the rush for new movies and adaptations! A number of titles are being reworked from their original book formats into cinematic spectacles, and among the popular studios to release these projects, DC has continued to confirm more and more news on countless comic book movies. Now, we have gotten our very first look at one of their newest entries, Shazam!


David Sandberg recently released footage of the film's ADR footage on his Instagram, and the result is plenty of shock and excitement! Grace Fulton can be seen shouting a variety of phrases in the first video, while Asher Angel tries shouting "Shazam!" in different ways in the second one. Take a look below!




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These ADR sessions play an interesting role in delivering our first sneak-peeks of this new DC adaptation. As many fans know, Shazam is a beloved character in the comics, and his story is one that many have bonded over for the past recent decades. 


As Billy Batson becomes imbued with the power of a superhero, this unique comic book hero came with a staple twist that would differentiate him from his counterparts for years to come. The story of a boy living out the dream of becoming an adult superhero with just the simple utterance of a special phrase is one many of us have dreamed of, and the comic proves that this interesting spin pulls off a number of amazing story arcs.




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Shazam! is due to be the next DC movie to launch in theaters in April after the presently released Aquaman. As DC's titles get better and better, we can only hope that Shazam! as well as the other heroes and comic book characters are done justice in their own adaptations. Let us know what you think of the footage in the comments below!




Featured Image via Den of Geek