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15 Types of Books to Jump-Start Your Collection

Spring is a time for getting started on that project you’ve always wanted to do. What better reason to finally put up that shelf and start your book collection? While we don’t discriminate over how you read (your phone or eReader are perfectly acceptable!), let’s just say we’re partial to cracking a spine and turning the pages. Call us old-fashioned.

Those who have been out of the book-buying game for a while (or have never bought a physical book since high school) may be thinking that the bookstore is so extensive you don’t know where to start. Fear not, reader. We’ve come up with 15 categories that will help you find your way in the world of endless books, as well as some personal recommendations to christen your bookshelf with renewed style.

Your Favorite Classic Book


Image Via Indianapolis Public Library


Let’s get the clearest starting point out there now. Any book that’s important enough to have had other books written about it being so important is a must-have. What’s more, there are so many sub-genres to choose from: the Great American Novel, cultural epics, naturalist adventures, and so many others. Choose wisely, but they’re all wise choices so choose away!

Recommendation: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Your Token Shakespeare


Favorite works of William Shakespeare are like astrological signs: everyone’s got one. Don’t feel bad if you only know his most acclaimed plays, they’re popular for a reason! A go-to Bard could be one of his quirky comedies, his beautiful volume of poetry, or the drama that contains one of those spellbinding quotes (we won’t mind if you don’t recite it exactly right).

Recommendation: Twelfth Night

Your Award-Winner


Image Via Entertainment Weekly


We all know one and we all need one. That conspicuously placed book on your shelf that, whether you read it or not, signifies to others that you’re ‘with it.’ It’s deep. It’s often long. It may be trying a little hard, but that’s all okay. The challenge of the book (and all the accolades listed on the back flap) will encourage you to figure out if the hubbub is deserved.

Recommended: A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole

Your New Classic Book


Image Via Entertainment Weekly


We can argue over modern canon until the cows come home, which only makes picking the right one more difficult for a new book-collector. There’s a new frontier with books: writers are determined to push you to your limits, challenging you to follow them through time-jumps, unreliable narrators, and fragmented paragraphs. These books don’t happen to you – you deeply experience them.

Recommended: A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

Your Biography 


Image Via Amazon


The days of the dry biography are behind us. We’ve got people like Doris Kearns Goodwin on the case, one of many writers capable of unfolding real-life events as if they were happenign in a thrilling adventure novel. Dive deep into your favorite iconic figure, find out the truth behind some overtold stories, or maybe re-learn some of the stuff you missed in history class. You’ll be your friend’s go-to expert on trivia night.

Recommended: Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin

Your Poetry Book


Image Via Goodreads

If you’re one of the many who think poetry is just the modern art of the literary world, you may have trouble allowing yourself to enjoy a whole chapbook. Our best advice: lean into it. Embrace the flowery word choice, admire the economy of language, and wonder why the sentences are broken up the way they are. If it’s worth analyzing, it’s worth over-analyzing.

Recommended: The Year of Yellow Butterflies by Joanna Fuhrman

Your Play That You Read as if It Was a Book


Image Via Amazon


Book purists will surely ask, “does this count?” – and our answer is yes, it sure does. Reading plays, more so than seeing them, gives you complete control of the world: the setting unfolds before you, the costumes are pulled from your imagination, and the characters are played by anyone you choose. Take a seat in your favorite director’s chair (the couch) and set your own scene.

Recommended: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? by Edward Albee


Your International Author Book


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Why limit yourself to just American or English authors? You owe it to yourself to have a favorite, semi-current non-English author. Just like any author stateside, a good international writer explores a way of life, time period, or part of the world that is left undiscussed, and does so with nuance and perspective.

Recommended: My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk

Your “Learning is Fun” Book 




conomics. Medicine. Physics. Everybody needs a good, thought-provoking book to be their touchstone on a foreign subject. Before you dive head first into peer-reviewed journals, there are some high-minded books that educate you with their vibrant, bouncing-off-the-walls creativity. Goofy drawings, mind-blowing fun facts, and, most importantly, real-world connections to the subjects they’re exploring.

Recommended: What If? By Randall Munroe

Your Book You Read in High School (or Tried to, at Least)


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It’s a relic from freshman English class, which at the time felt like a rapid-fire of books and plays that were so dry they make you want to throw your hands up in defeat. Now that you’re older, a little wiser, and more open-minded, we suggest getting to know that old novel friend and seeing if its wisdom feels more relevant today. Trust us, there’s always that one that’s worth revisiting.

Recommended: Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

Your Science Book


Image Via Goodreads


You’ve eased into it with your “learning is fun” book, now here’s the strong stuff. Scholars-turned-authors donate their lives to answering the “why?” questions of the world and uncovering what’s real about life for the rest of us. You can make reference to it at fancy dinner parties to make yourself seem sophisticated (which you are).

Recommended: The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks

Your “Guilty-Pleasure” Book 



There’s no book-shaming allowed here. If you like a book, be proud. There are just some books that are there to feed your need for spectacle. Explosions! Intrigue! An endless adventure of good versus evil! It’s like reading a roller coaster, so why wouldn’t you want to own it?

Recommended: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon


Your Book You Read Before the Movie


The Goldfinch


You did what so many others promised they would but didn’t, and for that – bragging rights are in order. Maybe you were just one step ahead of Hollywood. Maybe you wanted to compare the two and quickly read through it in the car ride on the way to the theater. Either way, this book on your shelf is a badge of honor no movie or book purist can take away from you. We don’t even mind if it has the movie poster for the cover.

Recommended: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

Your Graphic Novel


Image Via Amazon


The most important rule of book collecting is: don’t limit yourself. Even if you’re “not into comic books,” there are so many talented artists that are able to tell unique, emotional stories with their words alone. Think of the detailed, dynamic depictions of the characters and settings as a little bonus, not a crutch, and as a testament to the talents of writers who can do both.

Recommended: Black Hole by Charles Burns

Your All-Time Favorite Book


Via Tenor



It’s your call on this one, and let’s be honest: you’ve already purchased this book multiple times in your life. It may have its flaws, but it’s your favorite regardless. You’re drawn to it because it resonates and feels representative of who you are as a person and how you see the world. It may also just be a thoroughly enjoyable read. You need not justify it: this is your one, true book love.


book tunnel

Do the Environment a Favor and Shop at an Indie Bookstore!

Do you have a favorite bookshop? No, Barnes and Noble doesn’t count. I mean an independent bookshop, small, cosy, possibly family run. Handmade signs and questionable color schemes. Sometimes dogs. The one where you can sit for hours, enjoying your unique surroundings, and forgetting about all your responsibilities and then end up feeling horribly guilty because you’ve neglected every other aspect of your life. You’ve been missing for days. Your family has called the cops. Your plants are withering. You have several hundred unanswered emails. You know, that bookshop.


guilty dog

You, feeling guilty | Via Giphy


Well, according to Indiebound, your hours spent there are actually very beneficial to the economy, the environment, and your community. So you can stop feeling bad, as the benefits, according to the Indiebound website, are pretty much endless.


happy dog

You, delighted that your time-wasting has been justified | Via Gif Finder 


In terms of the economy, if you spend $100 at a local-owned business, $68 of that stays in your community. However, if you spent the same amount at a national chain, only $43 will remain in your community. Local businesses also create higher-paying jobs for members of the community, and therefore more taxes are reinvested in the locality. Local businesses also donate to charities at more than twice the rate of national chains. Indiebound also points out that ‘more independents means more choice, more diversity, and a truly unique community.’


Shopping local also has a positive effect on the environment as it means less packaging, less transportation and therefore a smaller carbon footprint. So you win points with Mother Nature too!


happy pizza dog

You, slobbering happily all over the news that your indie bookshop obsession is good for the economy, environment and community | Via Tenor



That’s all on top of the fact that local bookshops tend to put on wonderful, intimate author events such as Books Are Magic in Brooklyn, who host talks and readings every week! So make sure to follow any and all of your favorite indie spots on social media to keep up to date with what they’re up to!




Featured Image Via Publishing Perspectives


New ‘GoT’ Infographic Shows Every Characters Screentime With Amazing Detail

Reddit creates an amazing space for fans of all things to come together and share their thoughts, opinions, theories, and often argue about them, as well. While the arguing is an entertaining, yet annoying, part of all social media platforms, reddit’s Game of Thrones fans really take the cake for coming up with some awesome things for me to look at. Here’s what I found today:


GoT infographic

Image Via reddit (jmerlinb)


Now, I know this is probably tough to see. If you’d like to really explore this in high resolution click here. This was posted by reddit user jmerlinb. The infographic breaks down the screen time of 212 (anyone else not realize there are even that many?) characters by the house or category they belong to. Clearly the Starks take the lead with Jon as the Stark (or Targaryen) with the most screen time. Next is the Lannister’s with Tyrion having the most screen time. I’m noticing a pattern here that my favorite characters are featured the most and now I’m wondering if I only love them because I see them often. Is this how love works?


Nah, they’re just amazing and even the directors think so.


There’s lots of debate (obviously) going on in the reddit thread about whether or not Jon should remain in the Stark category. Many believe his name should just jump down to the Night’s Watch and again to the Targaryen’s. I think that’s all unnecessary. Once a Stark, always a Stark. What do you think?


Feature Image Via NME/HBO