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What This Bookseller Did When the Pandemic Put Her in a Pickle

Leigh Altshuler, owner of Sweet Pickle Books in New York City, actually started a bookstore during a pandemic- the most trying time for booksellers. And, as interesting as it is that she chose this courageous time to start up, what really puts her new shop on the map is its most notable and unorthodox feature: pickles!

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This 2021 Calendar Highlights the Best Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fan Art

Brought to you by the independent book publisher, Sourcebooks, The Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wall Calendar is a collection of masterful art, by women around the world, honoring the renowned Supreme Court justice. With style, humor and a feminist flair, this 2021 wall art calendar is not just for those who wish to continue Ginsberg’s fight for women’s rights, but for pioneers of equality everywhere.

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Harvard Bookstore Asks for Help During the Pandemic

Bookstores have been struggling to stay afloat ever since the pandemic forced all to shut down and cancel events. In the past couple of weeks, bookstores across the country and around the world have publicized their financial struggle and asked their costumers for help to be able to stay in business.

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Author Spotlight: Dylan Farrow

This fall has brought us countless new reads, one of the newest being Hush by Dylan Farrow. Hush follows seventeen year old Shae who has wanted nothing, but a quiet life. After living with the secret of a disease that took the life of her brother, Shae has known nothing but a life of fear. Once her mother is murdered she is forced to face the secrets that she has kept at bay before they destroy her. If you are looking for a read that is full of fantasy with a strong female main character, then Hush is for you.

I was lucky enough to get to ask author Dylan Farrow a few questions about her new release!

image via St. Martins press

For readers interested in reading Hush, what four words would you use to describe this book?

Magic, secrets, journey, and language.

As a writer do you enjoy writing more about a enemies-to-lovers trope or a friends-to-lovers trope? As a reader, which do you prefer to read about?

I am a sucker for enemies-to-lovers. The stakes, the drama… I just love it. I haven’t written much about that theme in-depth yet, but it’s something I would love to explore in the future.


What character did you have the most fun with writing about/getting to develop? Which character did you find the hardest to write about/develop?

Kennan was by far the most fun to create. One of my favorite things about writing for her was how she calls Shae out on her BS. I really enjoyed writing a strong female character who already knows she kicks butt and doesn’t apologize for it.

The hardest character to write for was probably Cathal. He’s a character with a lot of secrets so it was sometimes a challenge walking that line between keeping his cards close to his chest and allowing enough information to slip out to keep the story going.


Hush has a little bit of everything, you did a brilliant job at incorporating fantasy, romance, mystery, and action all into one book. Did you always know that you wanted all these elements in your book or was it something that came together as you wrote?

Those are some of my favorite elements in storytelling, so it was probably inevitable that they worked their way in. Overall, I try and put the needs of the plot and characters first, so if something doesn’t work, I try to be objective and just axe it. I’m glad it all wound up resonating together in the end.


You weave together a very complex and alluring world within Hush, what was that hardest part about developing it?

Bringing the world of Montane together was a challenge. It looked very different in its earliest versions. I wanted it to contain elements of strife from the real world, but not too much, and sometimes that was a tricky balancing act. One of my favorite things about this genre is worldbuilding, so it was a fun challenge for me.


Which character do you find yourself relating to the most?

I relate to them all a little, but perhaps a tiny bit more to Shae’s mother. I started writing Hush as a new mom, so I think that experience really brought me closer to that particular character.


Did you always know that you wanted to be a writer?

Yes and no. I went through a period where although I loved writing more than anything, I didn’t have the self confidence that I could follow through with making it my career. After a certain point of trying a few different jobs and never feeling completely satisfied with them, I figured I might as well try writing, since it makes me so happy. I’m very fortunate that it all worked out!


What are some books/authors that have inspired you to write?

The Earthsea series, His Dark Materials, and Lord of the Rings had a huge impact on my desire to write, and especially piqued my interest in fantasy. I was also hugely inspired by a number of excellent video games.


Finally, I must say the ending of Hush did leave me on the edge of my seat. I must ask/hope is there going to be a second and perhaps third book?

Hush is a duology! I’m currently writing the second and final book in the series. I don’t want to give away too much this early on, but Shae and her friends are in for an epic, wild ride!

You can get your hands on a copy of Hush now!

feature image via st. martins press and USA today