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7 Robot Ideas Inspired by C. B. Lee’s ‘Not Your Sidekick’

The supervillains' cover organization, and Jess’s crush Abby, another intern, both specialize in creating robots, such as cleaning robots that accomplish chores. With this idea in mind, I wondered what other types of robots could exist to make life easier. Here is the list I've compiled:

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Hi book lovers! Welcome to this week’s Three to Read. Here are three fantastic recommendations for you in case you’re in need of finding your next book!

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9 Classical Mythology Tropes in Modern Storytelling: Where Do Today’s Ideas Come From?

You don't need to be a Classics major or an expert in Ancient Mediterranean Cultures to appreciate Classical Myth. When I say Classical Myth, I don't mean just Greek Myth - although it did make the biggest contribution. Classical Myth however, is Greek, Roman, Sumerian, and even Egyptian Myth, all of which shared Indo-European origins. These Ancient cultures and their myths have set the stepping stones for modern literature and storytelling as we know it today. Almost every trope, every story, every plot twist know to humanity has somehow - consciously or unconsciously - been inspired by Classical Myth. There is no such thing as a "new" idea; every story in fiction today is, in a way, an extension or a retelling of an older one. Ideas don't just appear out of thin air, they're slowly formed and executed.

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