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7 Captivating Fantasy Books By Black Authors

The following books are unlike anything you've ever read in fantasy before. I guarantee that you'll find your next favorite story in one (or all) of these books!

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Talking About Gina Apostol’s ‘Insurrecto’ Part 1: Perspective

Gina Apostol’s Insurrecto is an experiment in perspectives. Following a film director and her hired translator who write their own scripts for the same movie, it takes the reader through the perspectives of a variety of characters, both real and film creations, to tell the story of a massacre that happened during the Philippine-American War in the village of Balangiga.

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How To Write LGBTQIA+ Characters: Lesbians

The second installment of the series on how to write LGBTQIA+ characters that concentrates on how to write Lesbian characters for writers.

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