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Keeley Hawes latest cast member announced for 'Rebecca' adaptation

Keeley Hawes Joins Netflix Cast for ‘Rebecca’

Bafta-nominated actress Keeley Hawes has joined Lily James, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Armie Hammer in Netflix’s adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s classic, Rebecca. The cast is loaded with stars, including Game of Thrones alum Ben Crompton.

Keeley Hawes is best known for her roles in High-Rise and Bodyguard.

Originally published in 1938, the gothic tale tells the story of a widower, Maxim de Winter, and his new bride being haunted by the ghost of his former wife, Rebecca. The haunting isn’t as direct as in the traditional sense, her ghost isn’t walking the halls, but the past itself lingers in every part of the house. Du Maurier’s book was an instant success, selling a whopping 2.8 million between the time it was released and 1965.

Other new additions to the cast include Ann Dowd of The Handmaid’s Tale and Sam Riley of On the Road, and  Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Production is set to start next week in the UK.

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‘Looking for Alaska’ Hulu Adaptation Release Date Announced

Fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of Hulu’s latest adaptation, Looking for Alaska, based on John Green’s novel. Well, wait no more! The release date was officially announced at BookCon over the weekend.

Josh Schwartz, producer of the series, ended the ‘John Green’s Looking for Alaska’ panel by announcing that all eight episodes of Hulu’s new series would be available October 18th. Hulu has had much success with book-to-screen adaptations, like 11/22/63 and, more recently, Catch-22. This will be the third time one of Green’s books finds its way to the screen. This comes as no shock, seeing as both The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns had significant success.


The cast of Hulu's 'Looking for Alaska'

Looking for Alaska captures the life of Miles “Pudge” Halter after he is brought into Alaska Young’s world at boarding school. Captivated by the beauty just down the hall, his life will never be the same. The book has been nominated for several awards, including the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Young Adult Fiction.

Joining Schwartz for the panel event was John Green, Stephanie Savage, Charlie Plummer, and Kristine Froseth. Are you excited for the latest John Green adaptation?

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Sarah Dessen’s Novels Finally Coming to Netflix!

Avid YA readers, rejoice! Our Queen of teen romance, Sarah Dessen, is finally getting three of her works adapted into Netflix films. Fans can tell you that her books address all kinds of issues that face teens, not just the pangs of first love and heartbreak. And I can personally tell you, it is about time we see her works on screen.

As part of Netflix’s mission to adapt fifty works of literature into series or films, they have picked up three of Sarah Dessen’s most popular reads: This LullabyAlong for the Ride, and Once and for All.


The three books to be adapted by Netflix

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Along for the Ride follows Auden on her summer of trying to reconnect with her dad. Sleepless nights, new friends, and a newborn step-sister help Auden on her path to self discovery. True to form, there is also a to-die-for love interest, Eli, who has his own past he must come to terms with. Of course, there is so much more packed into this book than I can sum up here, but I can tell you I am most excited that this will be the first of the three adapted by Netflix. Need more convincing? The book won the Goodreads Choice Award for Best YA Fiction.

Set to produce are Bryan Unkeless and Eric Newman under their Screen Arcade banner, with Alyssa Rodrigues executive producing the project. It’s no surprise Netflix is looking for more teenage rom-com’s after immediate successes with The Kissing Booth and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Dessen’s latest book, The Rest of the Story, launches tomorrow! Let us know: which Sarah Dessen book do you most want to see adapted? Personally for me it’s Saint Anything.


Bookstr & Booze: Drinking Games to Get Through Upcoming Superhero Movies (or Help You Enjoy Them Even More)

I love comic book/superhero movies, but not everybody does, and that’s perfectly reasonable. They’re everywhere, they’re not always great, and chances are you get dragged to them because your friends want to see them just to board the hype train. Unfortunately for you, there’s no sign of their end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a good time out of it. (And if you do happen to like them, then the following drinking strategies might just augment your enjoyment.)

There are many superhero sequels coming out in the next couple years. This means we know what to expect, and what kinds of drinking games we can make for them. We’ve got a few ideas for a few movies so far.

Is it rude to sneak alcoholic beverages into the movie theater and drink while you’re with your friends? Yes. But isn’t it also rude for your friends to peer pressure you into going to a movie you’d rather skip and waste your money? Yes. Therefore, “Turn down for what?”



Spider-Man: Far From Home

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1. A character mentions Iron Man/Tony Stark

2. Spider-Man does a flip

3. Spider-Man shoots a web

4. Spider-Man switches suits


Doctor Strange 2

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1. Characters do the weird hand movements to cast spells

2. Doctor Strange’s cape moves on its own

3. Doctor Strange makes a sassy remark


Aquaman 2

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1. Aquaman talks to fish

2. Mera has a badass moment

3. The scene changes to a different ocean/sea/lake/etc.


Guardians of the Galaxy 3


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1. They crack a joke

2. Thor calls Rocket, “Rabbit”

3. Thor calls Groot, “Tree”

4. The soundtrack plays a nostalgic song from a different decade



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1. A character says “SHAZAM!” (Or when it shows up in the logo/opening title)

2. You see lightning of any kind (Yes, even in the logo/opening title)

3. Freddy gets meta and makes a remark about superheroes



Hope these “guidelines” help. Drink responsibly, friends.



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