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American Horror Story ‘Double Feature’ Finally Feeds the Beast With New Trailer

Horror fans rejoice, American Horror Story is back, and serving up seconds. The show’s Twitter page posted the newest trailer just yesterday, giving nothing away about the most exciting season yet.



The newest season, American Horror Story: Double Feature, offers multiple story lines for ravenous fans to follow starting July 15 exclusively on Hulu. The most recent trailer dropped yesterday, awash in red and black, with plenty of haunting images to tempt the most twisted viewer.


Director Ryan Murphy already confirmed that fan-favorites Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, and Billie Lourd will return for the tenth season. Fans can expect the exciting introduction of Macaulay Culkin, announced in Murphy’s Instagram post of the actor on-set in March. As if the all-star cast couldn’t get more exciting, model Kaia Gerber and actress Paris Jackson will also join “the American Horror Story family” this season.




Murphy teased various themes for the newest season, including Aliens, Piggy Man, and XMas Horror, having fans vote on their favorites. So far, the winners look like Bloody Mary, Plague, and possibly Sirens, according to Murphy’s cryptic social media posts from earlier this year.


If the recent trailer is anything to go by, fans can expect quite the scare from Murphy’s recent, demented brain-child.





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