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‘Legally Blonde 3’ Premiere Pushed to 2022

Because the bend and snap is all about the timing. Jumping on the delayed-during-COVID-19 train is Legally Blonde 3, the threequel of the beloved, utterly pink saga that taught us how to come out of a breakup with flying colors and a law degree.

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Mina Lima’s New Illustrated ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’

Twenty-three years after J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was published, the introduction to the legendary fantasy lives on in its newest illustrated edition by Mina Lima!

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Rare Shakespeare Folio Sold For $10 Million

A rare copy of Shakespeare’s First Folio, considered one of most important collections in the English language, was sold for almost $10 million this week, making it the most expensive work of literature to ever be auctioned.

This folio was published in 1623 by the actors John Heminge and Henry Condell, all who were friends of Shakespeare. The book is formally titled “Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies,” based on the three genres the pair used to categorize the plays. This folio includes 36 plays and it was published shortly after his death, 18 of which had not appeared in print before and would’ve been lost without this collection including Macbeth and Twelfth Night. 

A copy of the book on display, prior to Wednesday's auction, at Christie's in London.

image via CNN

This folio was the first complete copy to appear at auction since 2001, that copy being sold for $6.1 million. It was put up for sale by Mills College in Oakland, California, which had kept the item in its collection since 1977.

Around 750 copies of the First Folio were printed, but only 235 are known to have survived. Of these, only 56 are considered to be complete, with almost all of them now held by institutions in the US and UK. This copy is one of five to be in private hands. Loewentheil, antiquarian and book dealer who purchased this copy, said “”(The First Folio) is the greatest work in the English language, certainly the greatest work of theater, so it’s something that anyone who loves intellectualism has to consider a divine object.”
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‘A Christmas Carol’ Streaming For Two Weeks

Although the Halloween season is just picking up steam, it's never too soon to prepare for Christmas! Catch one of sixteen performances of A Christmas Carol broadcast live from London's Old Vic's theater this winter.

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A Live Action ‘Lion King’ Sequel is Coming!

A sequel to the 2019 live action The Lion King is in the works. The writer of last years film, Jeff Nathanson, is returning and he already has a draft of the script ready to go. Another writer, Barry Jenkins, will be directing the film, and his most notable work is Moonlight, which he also directed and which also won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2017. His other notable work is If Beale Street Could Talk, which was an Oscar nominee, one of the actresses of the film, Regina King, won Best Supporting Actress.

Image via Indiewire
So, this movie has some great people to bring this sequel to life. However, the movie is going to take a different direction than the original sequel, The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride. The original followed Simba’s daughter Kiara and her love interest Kovu, who is part of Scar’s pride, and how the two fall in love and plot to bring their prides together. This new sequel is going to be more of an origin story for Mufasa. The music will be a continuation of the music from the 2019 film and it will use the same photo realistic technology as used before.
Image via Metro.Co
This sequel sounds like it’s going to be great but it would have been nice to do a live action version of the animated sequel. However, that sequel is often overlooked and this new story is one that people will be excited to see. Some of the music from the broadway play will also be incorporated into the film, which is exciting for those that have seen that adaptation.
The stars that led their voices to the 2019 film haven’t been confirmed to return to lend their voices. Those stars included Donald Glover and Beyonce, who voice Simba and Nala respectively, and the original voice of Mufasa, James Earl Jones, as well as many other actors. Fingers crossed they return for the sequel.
While we wait for this to hit the big screen, you can watch the 2019 film right here and all of the animated films as well. Even the animated series Timon and Pumba.
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