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10 Quotes for the Traveler in Every Book Lover

Many believe that reading a book is like traveling to a distant land and also that the best companion while traveling is a good book. If you're a firm believer in these things, you'll love these ten quotes by authors who love travel as much as us. Get ready to explore! 

You Have to Stay in This Japanese Hostel...I Mean Bookcase

I am basically a walking millennial cliche. You know the one–they studied abroad and now they're all about that wanderlust and fulfilling their heart's desire through experience. Yup, that's me! And this new hostel in Japan proves to put all other hostels to shame. 


Read Your Heart out at These 12 Lovely Locations!

We've all been in that mood when all we want to do is read. But then we also want to people watch when we take a break from hitting the pages. Or perhaps we need to take a deep breath and take in the beauty of our surroundings, whether that be nature or a quiet park.

The Most Minimal Bookstore Ever

If you’re anything like us, walking into a massive bookstore can cause hyperventilation, salivating, and torn on how much money you can actually spend.

If Stranded on an Island with Just One Book...

We asked our audience one of the most difficult questions for any bookworm to answer: If stranded on a desert island and you're only allowed to have one book...which book would it be? The answers were incredibly thought out and kind of morbid.

Bookstr Explores: Unearthing The NoMad Hotel Library

After exploring NYC for the best places to read in the city, we stumbled upon a hidden gem. The NoMad Hotel has a secret library inside of it that most people don't know about! Once we discovered it, we knew we had to explore.

Here is what we found:

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