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Bookstore Sales Increased in 2018!

If have any interest in books and reading, then you've probably checked on book sales once or twice before, especially given the panic around whether or not the internet is damaging the publishing industry.

10 Voltaire Quote to Make Us Wise Beyond Our Years

Nothing can strike a chord with a literature buff or historian quite like the name Voltaire. The distinct pen name of French Enlightenment writer and philosopher Francois-Marie Arouet, has made its way through history books and some would say the literary canon.

27-Year-Old Book Finally Sold From Indie Bookstore

We all have those persnickety items that we can't ever seem to get rid of. It may be because you're simply too lazy to get rid of them, or perhaps they hold some sort of sentimental value that only you can truly treasure. And then other times, people simply won't buy it!

Oxford University Opens Explicit Book Collection After 100 Years

Madonna and Oscar Wilde have more in common than their status as icons of the LGBT+ community: they're both authors of 'obscene' works. After 136 years of censorship, Oxford University is opening its restricted collection—one of the world's largest—to the public in a historic exhibition.

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