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30 Quotes to Honor Nelson Mandela Day

It's Nelson Mandela's birthday, which is celebrated internationally as Nelson Mandela Day. Were he still alive, he would turn 100 today. Mandela is known as the leader of the movement that overthrew apartheid in South Africa, and served as its president from 1994 to 1999.

21 Helen Keller Quotes to Get You Through the Day

Children are taught the story of a young girl who learned to communicate with the world despite being both deaf and blind, but they hear little of the woman that she became. The fact that Helen Keller managed to find her voice is, arguably, far less remarkable than what she chose to do with it.

5 Important Works of Literature Lost to History

Historians and book-lovers alike lament the loss of countless precious books, plays, and poems throughout the course of history. They are lost to war, to fire, to accidents, to sheer coincidence. Here are a few lost works that many a scholar would kill to get their hands on.


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